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    Are we still getting a multiplayer or even a trailer any time soon idk about the demo but can we expect to see a early trailer for ither obm or gd in 2017/18 I know you guys can't tell the mod progress at this time but from what I see from the media releases the mod I would say is near 75 to 80% in terms of maps in other things I'm not sure not enough media of things like npc prop models textures and other things I hope to get a response buy the devs and as for the community what do you guys think of the progress of the mod based on the media

    Thank you and have a very safe and productive day :)
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    Greetings fellow Tripminers!

    While it may appear that our work has been more based towards content for Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty has been placed on the backburner fear not! Guard Duty receives as much love from our dedicated team as Operation Black Mesa and remains an integral project for us to work on!
    Today we are pleased to release a media update that is focused mostly on Guard Duty. That said, we still wish to provide you with small insights on what we are cooking for Operation Black Mesa, as content is shared across both projects where applicable.

    Focusing on level design and world building, the detail and visual fidelity in our recreation of the world of Half-Life should be apparent. As our artists continue to create new textures and models, replacing the outdated Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source assets, the level of detail for our games continues to grow.
    We have continued to not only work on new maps, but increase the visual fidelity of those that had…

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