What are your favourite Half-Life/Half-Life 2 mods

    • I can only select good mods that i liked and remember without a priority:

      For HL1:

      Paranoia, The trap, Poke646, PointOfView, Half-life:Induction and + one mod i dont remember the name, but it was about black operative where u should explose Black Mesa :saint:

      For HL2:

      1) Hatch 18

      2) Mission improbable

      3) Silent escape

      3) Nightmire House 2

      4) Research and Development

      5) Lambda Wars

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    • -Raptor- wrote:

      Yep, it was just the 1-st part of the mod and I don't how it is now. I played it long time ago, before Steam or Source updated to the version u cant normally play an installed mod from the internet.

      U can download it from here: mods-inside.ru/reviews/hatch-18-p1.html

      I forgot to mention Underhell but it was a bit rare..
      I hope they gonna get back to Underhell. I loved the idea behind it. It´s a must for every horror lover :P
    • As for me, my favourite HL1 and HL2 mods are:

      HL mods:

      1. They Hunger trilogy - one of the best conversions with memorable gameplay and atmosphere I´ve ever played (especially the first two parts)

      2. Survive in Catacombs 1 - Very similar to TH mod, but shorter and weaker. Still like it though.

      3. Azure Sheep - Much better than Blue Shift.

      4. Brave Brain - You play through some nostalgic places from HL1.

      5. Visitors - Simple, but very good gameplay.

      6. Invasion - French language aside, very well made "sequel" to HL story.

      7. Absolute Redemption - Not 100% sure, but it was one of the first mods I´ve downloaded and played and enjoyed as well.

      8. Life´s End - Long (which is good) and sometimes humorous gameplay for me.

      9. Poke646 and Poke646 Vendetta - They have very nice design and story. Both I really enjoyed.

      10. Half-quake series - Many times frustrating, but unique levels and puzzles. Also like the design in Amen and Present.

      Honorable mentions: Todesangst 1 and 2, Timeline trilogy, Force of Evil, Blbej Den

      Currently playing The Trap mod.

      HL2 mods (haven´t played many of them):

      1. Black Mesa (now as a stand alone retail)

      2. Mission Improbable

      3. Dangerous World

      4. Minerva Metastasis

      5. Transmissions - Element 120

      Can´t wait for: Operation: Black Mesa, Guard Duty, Opposing Force 2 (I still believe), Black Mesa: Insecurity.

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    • -Raptor- wrote:

      Yeah, Transmissions- Element 120 was the last interesting and qualitative mod I played, it was feeling like u played for forgotten Barney after Ep1 but it can be everyone actually.)
      For me, the mod was quite interesting, if it comes for the first half of the game. The second half however was a bit weak (except for the final strider battle, which was epic).

      what about dissapointing mods?

      In HL1 it was Survive in catacombs 2 - many bugs, too short and the ending was´t ending at all
      In HL2 it was definitely They Hunger Again - I was really looking forward to this mod, but in the end - very short, incomplete, frustrating, with many cut content and areas...it wasn´t THAT bad, but also not that good...

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