My old mod project

    • My old mod project

      ​Should I continue my mod? 5
        Yea :) (3) 60%
        No (2) 40%
      I was doing this project for some years, was trying to get better on goldsrc by learning it from A-Z and was doing some stuff over limits, now I have no idea what to do with it.
      Here is some old pic's of project.

      And so on here Link to mod..
      I still have whole project files in my PC, but Iam not sure if I sould continue this mod :).
      Now thinking about using source engine or unreal engine.
      About me:
      I'am programmer mainly on php,js,C#,C++.
      Also I am well on goldsrc modeling, mapping, programming :D and so on.
      Sometimes Iam doing 2d games on Mono engine C# and oxigine engine C++.

    • hey man, interesting project.
      So it's basically a port/remake of L4D on Gold Source?

      As interesting as it is, I think anything that uses Gold Source these days is just a waste of time. You might as well just use Source.
      But honestly I would recommend doing something more original and that will express yourself and your own style, rather than recycling/downgrading a game that is not yet "outdated".

      I would also recommend using Unity or Unreal, both because they are free, highly popular (so that means a lot of tutorials and user friendly aspects), and because they are more advanced than the current free version of Source.
      If Source 2 comes out soon then my opinion would most likely change. But personally I wish I would have invested more time into Unreal while I still had a lot of free time.
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    • Yap. it is basicly remake on goldsrc, with engine modifications :) as you can see.
      Iam thinking about unreal, but I dont know if I can learn it very well :D. I only had experience with unreal tournament 2001 mapping, and I didnt had chance to program something for unreal engine, not talking about modeling, cuz I was doing models for old games, I dont think I can create well looking models for unreal.

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