Announcement Guard Duty summer 2017 update

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    • Guard Duty summer 2017 update


      Greetings fellow Tripminers!

      While it may appear that our work has been more based towards content for Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty has been placed on the backburner fear not! Guard Duty receives as much love from our dedicated team as Operation Black Mesa and remains an integral project for us to work on!
      Today we are pleased to release a media update that is focused mostly on Guard Duty. That said, we still wish to provide you with small insights on what we are cooking for Operation Black Mesa, as content is shared across both projects where applicable.

      Focusing on level design and world building, the detail and visual fidelity in our recreation of the world of Half-Life should be apparent. As our artists continue to create new textures and models, replacing the outdated Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source assets, the level of detail for our games continues to grow.
      We have continued to not only work on new maps, but increase the visual fidelity of those that had been finalized quite a bit ago. In this update, we are showing some parts area we have released screenshots of earlier, so you can make the comparison yourself. Not only have new art assets been used to tune-up these areas, but lessons we have learned throughout the entire development process allow us to push our levels even further though every department, creating more a much more solid gameplay experience.

      Even though we mainly show levels in these media releases, our other developers are right there with them in quality and efficiency. New features are being implemented to the game, whether that be enhanced graphical capabilities of the Source Engine, NPCs, or weapons. Our programmers are ready to tackle on all the tasks we need to accomplish to deliver you both games in desired quality.

      While the time between updates may frustrate, we appreciate all of our fans who have stuck with us. We are planning on sharing more with you in the future, so stay tuned! In the meantime, do not forget to check out our "Research and development" forum.
      We keep in touch with you through dev. blogs, where you can hear from our many different developers about some aspects of the new content and features never before seen in our media releases. These blogs are quite frequent and should help quench the desire for more knowledge on how the games are coming along.

      Before saying good bye, we are still recruiting members to the Tripmine army. Think you could be a valuable part of our team? Don´t hesitate to see our recruiting forum and apply. Whether your talents lie in modeling, sound design, building immersive environments, or lending your voice to bring our characters to life all talent is welcome. Working with us can be a tough job, but also a whole lot of fun, so do not miss this opportunity.

      You can go ahead and check our full gallery at Moddb.

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      Aaassum! It just seems that in so many modern high-level games you can´t see your own reflection in mirrors which is weird. Also, that last picture. There doesn´t seem to be any clear indication of how that pipe got busted... I mean, the sealing panels over it seems to be intact, so I can´t imagine what could cause damage like that. Maybe it could be a busted valve or something, there is one right there after all.

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