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    • migaonde wrote:

      I like just how the mod takes too long
      i guss 60% of people has forget the game
      though you are working on an update. soo this will bring you all back and remind the people who you are and what you are made of(you are not dead)
      Even if someone forget about us, the important is that they will come back for the release anyway... I also forgot about HL3, but once it hits shelves, I will be in!
    • Hi everyone!
      I have some questions.

      1) How are you doing with the optimization of the game and will it go to weak computers?

      2) Whether the changed balance of weapons?

      3) Can you say do you have problems with the game? If so, which ones? If you don't wish to give me an answer to this question, I will understand.

      If you already had to answer such questions, sorry.
      1. We're definitely making an effort to strike a balance between performance and high-quality. We don't cut corners on optimizing anything from level design to programming, and make sure everything is as top-notch as we can manage. That said, we're still on Source so it's sure to run fine on most PCs, even the lower-end ones. Steam's user hardware data gives me confidence we won't have any issues outside of the few rare outliers. It's 2017, if you play games on your PC you've probably nothing to worry about.
      2. We'll be balancing everything until it feels right to us and our testers. While we keep the original games' gameplay at the core, we make changes where we agree it plays better.
      3. This is a really vague, general question and I'm not sure how to answer it. A game in development has its problems. Hell, games out of development have their problems. Not really sure what you wanna hear here.

      "120% sorry!"
    • Thanks for answer.
      Hello and I have more questions.

      1)Will P.C.V. and Security Guard Armor have functions which were not in original games?

      2)I would like to know about the faces of persons in the game. Will faces be more than in the Black Mesa Source and will there be other races?

      3)Will there be puzzles with the ropes? And was it difficult to implement ropes?

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    • 1) Nope. They will function the same as in the original game.

      2) No idea regarding the comparison to BMS. Our diversity will be about the same as in the original.

      3) We plan to add more rope sections than in the original game. I'll let you know how difficult it was once we implement them :P
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    • Hello(thanks for answer). Yesterday I passed the Opposing Force for new old sensations, and, of course, there were inconveniences. I could not see the crosshairs and the ammo count in the night vision, and it was unpleasant. The problem was with the AI allies. The HECU soldiers were killing their allies (and me too), and they did not bring any significant benefit. I passed the game in 6 hours, and when the game was nearing to the end, I wanted to play more.

      1) What did you do with the color of crosshair and etc. in night vision ?

      2) For how long would you like to add the gameplay?
    • Any problems you might have in the original game with the crosshair or HUD elements will not exist in our game. We use the HL2 Source engine, which is totally different than the GLDSRC engine that the original uses. There is no reason why we would have that same problem.

      Our game will at least be the same length as the original. But hopefully offer a bit more play-time. Though we can't say specifically how much play-time it will offer because we still are not done with it.
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    • Hi, I have some questions about the HECU, are you going to stay true to the original Opposing Force armor and equipment/gear that the HECU is using, or are you going to go for more of a modern/redesign look like the way Black Mesa took them.

      If you are staying true to the original design I think I can provide information on some of the gear and equipment that they are using as I have some knowledge about it.
    • its good to know you are sticking with the PCV, but im referring more to the other equipment that they are using such as the ruck sack you see them wearing (im using the opposing force HD pack as reference) which is a ALICE pack (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) or the fact that the PCV comes with the LC-2 Harness attached, this kind of gear is what im referring to.

      The game take place during the 2000s, but was made in 1998-1999, the game creators used real life equipment for the marines from 1998-1999 because that is what existed at the time, aside from the PCV and the urban camo pattern, their gear appears to be real.

      other question: is it ok to share this information on this thread, as it is not a question about GD or OBM?
    • We have already considered and discussed all that quite a long time ago.
      As sugar said, it's gonna be mostly realistic equipment. That being said, this is a fictional game. Don't expect it to be super hardcore realistic down to every detail.
      You'll just have to wait to see what our final design is.

      What exactly do you mean by "share this information on this thread"?
      If you mean continue to ask us questions, just make sure it's an actual legitimate question and not just a way to try and sneak your opinion on us.
      If you have a suggestion, which is what your last post was more of, post in the feedback and suggestions thread.

      If you mean share our responses on a different website, that's fine. Just make sure to include a link or direct people to our forum post or wherever you found the information, to avoid any details getting lost or twisted.
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    • Thank you for the fast reply, I guess my question now is the realistic equipment going to be from the 1998-1999s like OF or more modern like 2004 onwards.

      Also sorry for the confusion, I meant share the information I have about the ALICE pack and other individual equipment pieces, sugars statement confused me "If you have any information or ideas regarding the equipment, feel free to share it with us here" so I was not sure if he meant this thread or feedback and suggestions.

      One more question, before I post anything in feedback and suggestions, would information on the ALICE pack be helpful/useful or not really

      Thank you in advance
    • Most of our equipment and overall theme of the mod is a bit more modern than the original game.

      We all have access to Google. So it's really not necessary to post details or anything like that.
      But if you want to post about your equipment suggestions then I won't stop you as long as it's on the suggestions thread ;)
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