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  2014 Kickoff Update
Posted by: Uphys - 03-26-2014 10:57 PM - Replies (7)

Welcome to our first progress update this year!
This one is a mixed bag of sorts, so let's get right into it:

Multiplayer Beta Release Q1 Cancelled

Although we have made some solid progress on the multiplayer component of OBM, we regret to inform you that we currently cannot follow through with the beta release. We've chosen to completely retract it until further notice.
At the time, it seemed manageable as a result of us being a tad overambitious, proud our work, and eager to show it off. But it has been made very clear to us that we can't live up to this promise.

The following factors eventually led to this decision:

  • There's still quite a bit of core work to be done, as well as work in terms of quality and polish. Beta as it may be, it's still a first impression of our magnum opus and we'd like it to resemble a fluent and enjoyable game rather than a rushed or incomplete one.
  • We've had some shortages of manpower in certain departments. We could still use help in the animation sector and having more programmers certainly would be fabulous as well. Please check out the jobs page for more information if you're interested!
  • Even if the beta were to be released now, it would slow down the actual development in a tremendous way. We are not ready for managing an entire gaming community, hosting servers and releasing bugfix patches on a regular basis yet. Our main task is the mod development at heart; that's what we need to focus on.
  • Work priorities and deadlines were moved around a few times due to the proposition of converting the project to an indie title. See more below.

Basically, we're left with no choice but to put the sobering good old "whenever it's ready" stamp back on it for the time being. The same applies to the trailer we had planned. We'd like to show more and better content.
We're truly sorry for the broken hearts; maybe this'll teach us to handle the notion of release dates with proper care in the future.

Multiplayer Progress

But let's move on to more pleasant topics, like the stuff we can actually show you!
Here you can see some of the maps that will be available from day 1:

Depthcharge, Snark


They include classic maps like Boot Camp, Crossfire and Yard as well as brand-new ones such as Depthcharge and Gambit.

CTF mechanics and weapon placement are well on their way.

Singleplayer Campaign Development

Overall, single-player development is flowing at a steady pace. Once again, we'd like to encourage animators out there to apply and join our current army of two to help speed up the NPC implementation process.

Although OBM is currently our flagship mod, Guard Duty is being worked on with equal attention. In fact, why don't we show you a bit of Guard Duty right now:

Hazard Course

Living Quarters Outbound

OBM: The Video Game?

Shortly after you, our lovely supporters, voted us all the way through Greenlight last year, we were offered the opportunity to develop our projects as fully fledged games to be sold on Steam!
Some of you might've seen this coming (given the almost identical Black Mesa related news); for us it is still a great privilege, considering the possibilities and potential this puts into view.

What would this mean for our projects?
  • Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty (SP and MP) as such will stay free for download; no strings attached.
  • Utilizing the latest Source engine and all the delicious enhancements that come with it, the paid version would also be put on Steam for a fairly low price as an optional purchase or, more to the point, "donation" to support our team and development.

However, this matter is still very much in discussion and we haven't reached a decision yet. The main obstacle for us is a considerable bulk of license fees we'd have to invest in. Since our mods have no funding to speak of and none of us have won the lottery (yet), finding a solution is going to be a challenge.

That aside though, development continues as usual; after all, our main objective is to finish this project with the hopes of delivering to you the Opposing Force experience you've always wanted, whether it be as mod or game.

Friendly Fire

Pit Worm's Nest


M1A1 Tank


Missing In Action

Alien Controller


Thanks for your support and endurance,
Tripmine Dev Team


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  Operation Black Mesa has been greenlit!
Posted by: mrsugar - 08-04-2013 07:51 PM - No Replies

Just few days passed since we have been greenlit. We can't thank you enough, your support throughout the campaign was simply awesome and we didn't expect such a success!

[Image: green_ty_thumb.jpg]

Being greenlit represents major step for our team and it opens up some new opportunities we need to carefuly consider and plan out and ensure everything shape the way we and our fans wish. Opportunities we have never considered opened up with the success on Greenlight and we are currently about to discuss it with Valve and make some decisions. We sure will keep you updated on some of these opportunities, to get your opinion about them. More about it later :).

Greenlight campaign came to it's end and it's time to fully focus on other major tasks. Now we speak about nothing else, but about our public multiplayer beta, which we would like to roll out sometime in early 2014. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our promise- the trailer ;) .

[Image: 2013-07-28_00018_thumb.jpg]

We are also pleased that we have got some talented applicants, who look promising and we can't wait to welcome them aboard soon. Of course, we still try to expand the team and get as much manpower as possible. Check out our help wanted, maybe you could become valuable addition to our perspective team?

Thank you for your continuous support. Make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page and we would be happy to welcome you on our official discussion boards.

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  Progress report
Posted by: mrsugar - 07-17-2013 08:58 PM - No Replies

Greetings everyone!

It's 116 days since we kickstarted our Greenlight campaign. Your support is great there. So far, we have got 62,385 votes and we occupy 4th place out of 1 369 games. We must admit that it's a little bit surprising for us as well. Without proper trailer, we got quite far in the Greenlight campaign. And all of this thanks to you and your faith in our project. We owe you a beer.

Where is the trailer we promised, you ask? We realize that trailer was promised quite long time ago. It's important to say, that our priority is to deliver you the best trailer we can, no matter how long it takes. We want to tease you and leave you impressed. And as we know, these things, they take time.

[Image: skybox_thumb.jpg]

Trailer takes some time for several reasons. One of those reasons is the fact we currently focus a lot on content adjustments and weapon completion. With our deadline for multiplayer release, we are about to finish all the weapons, stamp them as final and get ready for the first multi-player release, but of course also get them ready for single-player experience.

Many weapons are re-worked completely from ground up, some are re-animated and others get just small facelift. One example we can show you right now is the new Tripmine model, released with this update. Just compare it with old one, which one do you like more? :)

[Image: tripminerender_thumb.jpg]

Apart from this, we also recently moved over to Source SDK 2013. That's major news for everyone, as it provides us with several new features. We are happy to announce, that Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty will support Linux, Mac and Oculus rift, no matter if we pass through the Greenlight or not. The good news is the port to this new SDK will not cause major delays and just small portion of the code is needed to be remade.

Before we close this update, I would like to assure those who are interested in Guard Duty, a remake of Half-Life: Blue Shift, that the project is still alive. We decided to put it behind a curtain and focus on Operation Black Mesa in terms of media releases, mainly because of the Greenlight.

[Image: foxu_rcsc01_thumb.jpg]

And last, but not least, we are looking for some talented individuals, who would be able to help us with the project. With the solid deadline for multiplayer (Q1 2014), we are looking for more people to speed up the development process. Getting more people aboard is important not only to hit the deadline, but also make sure we can handle to deliver patches and new content for the multiplayer after we roll out the first playable beta, while still actively working on the single-player.

How to apply? It's very easy. We recommend to read short application guidelines to get all the important information about our requirements and steps you need to take to apply.

Here are our prioritized positions:

3D artist
We are looking for talented 3D artists, who would be able to deliver props and/or characters at our request.


At least one year of modelling experience
Ability to create low-poly models with UVW-maps
Ability to provide high-poly models for generating normal maps
Ownership of suitable modelling software, such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush etc.

3D animator
As an animator, you bring characters, creatures and objects to life.


Established operating experience with a common 3D animation software
Good communication skills, accepting feedback from fellow team members and improving your work based on it
Ability to deliver smooth, detailed, authentic movement sequences on request

Level designer
We are looking for creative level designers able to craft levels for the single player as well as multiplayer component.


Expert knowledge of Source SDK's Hammer Editor, its I/O system and optimization techniques
Ability to build aesthetically appealing, yet gameplay stimulating environments, encouraging exploration and tactical thinking
Good communication skills, accepting and giving valuable feedback

Is not your position listed, but willing to help? Don't hesitate to apply! Talented and nice people are always welcome among us.

NOTE: We are not looking for composers, voice actors, playtesters, webmasters. The contribution for our projects is free of charge!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sadly, it's that time again to conclude this update. If you miss us a lot, maybe you can come over to our community forum and give us some feedback, or just chat with us? You are all welcome to join our small community there.

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