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    I love the half life franchise and opposing force is my favorite single player campaign of all time.
    When I saw the opportunity to perform as a voice actor for the project, I have to make an attempt.
    I have read the requirements and meet them. I have entry level recording equipment and familiarity with audacity and Sony Vegas.
    I have a small acting background including voice acting, and I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to read some lines for Otis. I’m not exclusive to the character though, I’d cherish an opportunity for any part.
    As a plus, I work in private security and I’ve worked with my fair share of people like Otis. I know them well.

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    Liked Mr.sugar’s post in the thread Summer update 2020.

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    Is it really that time, again? Indeed it is! We hope you are all safe and doing well - it has been quite the year! Even though apocalyptic events, we are still busy at work on our games.
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