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    Greetings everyone !

    My name is Mathieu "Tear" Godard !
    I've been working in the computer generated art field for around 7 years and only decided to join a Game Art school 3 years ago.

    I'm following TripMine's projects since 2014 and fell in love ever since. (Fun fact, I'm the guy who sent you those Hoover dam pictures a while ago : facebook.com/TripmineStudios/posts/701681086577243 )

    Thriving on learning new things, workflows and techniques, I am confident I will be able to do that with your team.

    Softwares skills (in non-particular order) :
    • Maya
    • Arnold Renderer
    • Substance Painter/Designer/Alchemist
    • Photoshop
    • Unreal/Unity/Source Engine
    • Gaea/World Machine
    • Marvelous Designer
    • Houdini
    • Reality Capture
    • GitHub
    • Hammer
    • Ableton
    • Fmod
    My works :


    SketchFab Model

    WorkFlow :
    • Maya : LowPoly/UV/Rendering
    • Zbrush : HighPoly
    • SubstancePainter : Texturing/Baking
    • Photoshop : Creating mask for use in SubstancePainter
    1050 Quads, 1 UVset

    StaffPicked by Sketchfab


    ZweiHander Video

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