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  • In my opinion it could be more fit to O:BM if add a short movie\scene likely from the begining of Opposing Force when we are falling and then see soldiers fight with alien armies. In HL2 it was very suitable to situation - it could show a peace of invented scy-fy world with a static view, but Opposing Force is an action from the start till the end, so it's just my vision. :rolleyes:
  • It would be nice if you put a background where the black ops appear as this artwork in the chapter Friendly Fire
    • 53678_369054933173195_579133434_o.jpg

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  • I hope for a dynamic menu on Operation Black Mesa. From thefirst seconds u entered the game the players dhould understand they entered the begining of the war with creatures from other planents...or something like inoriginal menu (non-steam version).
  • Main Menu is one of the easiest thing for a game-mod, they are still under development and the last thing that crossed their minds is whenever or not the main menu should be aesthetic or not. But to be honest i don't think that it would matter anyways.
  • I dont know what they are going to do but i prefer the "Background of chapters"
    i can imagine the bootcamp background where soldiers doing patroles and then osprey or two of them past away


    [Attention, in this post can be grammatical mistakes :!: ]

    What about Main Menu in Operation Black Mesa or Guard Duty?

    • You'll use the old "Source engine" style menu. (small white letters; white banner; standart font; the background of some chapters and etc.)
    As an example, screenshot of Half-life 2 Menu

    • Or you'll make something new and unique (More detailed; More animated; New Font; More colors; More effects; Special Background; Another button layout and etc.)
    As an example, screenshot of modification "Wilson Chronicles - BETA" Menu.

    // Check .gif version: //

    Thanks for reading this post! :) ^^ :D

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