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  • Tear - 3D Artist Hard Surface [Internship]


    Greetings everyone !

    My name is Mathieu "Tear" Godard !
    I've been working in the computer generated art field for around 7 years and only decided to join a Game Art school 3 years ago.

    I'm following TripMine's projects since 2014 and fell in love ever since. (Fun fact, I'm the guy who sent you those Hoover dam pictures a while ago : )

    Thriving on learning new things, workflows and techniques, I am confident I will be able to do that with your team.

    Softwares skills (in non-particular order) :
    • Maya
    • Arnold Renderer
    • Substance Painter/Designer/Alchemist
    • Photoshop
    • Unreal/Unity/Source Engine
    • Gaea/World Machine
    • Marvelous Designer
    • Houdini
    • Reality Capture
    • GitHub
    • Hammer
    • Ableton
    • Fmod
    My works :


    SketchFab Model

    WorkFlow :
    • Maya : LowPoly/UV/Rendering
    • Zbrush : HighPoly
    • SubstancePainter : Texturing/Baking
    • Photoshop : Creating mask for use in SubstancePainter
    1050 Quads, 1 UVset

    StaffPicked by Sketchfab


    ZweiHander Video

    Low Poly

    Low Poly Baked

    SketchFab Model

    WorkFlow :

    • Maya : LowPoly/UV/Rendering/Creating Masks/Alphas for Zbrush use
    • MarvelousDesigner : Cloth Simulation
    • Zbrush : HighPoly
    • SubstancePainter : Baking/Texturing
    1150 Quads (With un-optimised cloth removed)

    DraftPicked by TheRookies


    Work done to learn about SSS/Transparency
    Rendered in Arnold


    Work done to learn image implementation in SubstancePainter.
    Only eye capillaries are modular.


    BlowTorch Video

    HardSurface exercise.
    Made in Maya, textured in Substance, rendered in Arnold


    WorkFlow :

    • Maya : LowPoly/UV/HighPoly
    • SubstancePainter : Baking/Texturing

    WorkFlow :

    • MarvelousDesigner : HighPoly/Cloth Simulation
    • Maya : LowPoly/UV
    • SubstanceDesigner : Baking/Texturing
    Environment Design Work :

    I had the opportunity to work 1 year as a LevelDesigner for Hell'sGamer custom cs:go maps/gamemodes such as :

    Jail_Break and MiniGames
    Helping in the layout and design of maps, focusing on gameplay before how it looks.


    I've worked on this map during my spare time in 2016 as a hobby to learn Hammer and Source Engine.

    I was able to use BlackMesa's Assets with their consentment.

    SteamID : STEAM_0:0:27267042

    Contact Email :

    I'm looking for an internship of 2 months to finalise my last year studies.
    With all this Covid-19 craziness going, my school offered us the ability to do an internship from home with teleworking, and my first thought was TripMine, a studio I am following for a long time and which probably gave me my GameDev Fever.

    Thank you a lot for giving my application form your time, and please do not hesitate to give me feedback, it would be really helpful for my future in the industry.

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