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  • -Raptor- wrote:

    What kind of control should supposed to use to HECU to coordinate activities? Is it new menu with an orders or something?..
    I believe commands would probably be too complex and unnecessary for this game. I personally think slightly enhanced system we know from HL2 games should work pretty great.
  • RE: HECU squads


    Gathering together is one part of their set of maneuvers.
    Yes, sometimes the game will reward you for being quick enough to take out a whole group in one single blow (if they haven't spotted you), but that doesn't work every time. Explosive ammo is limited (even more so on higher difficulty levels) and you will encounter Marines in all sorts of formations.
  • I saw on AI presentation video that HECU squads will gather together for a while and then spread out. But won't they be too easy to kill with an MP5 grenade or even a normal cooked grenade?

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