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  • that's a pretty clever idea to reward the player later in the game for keeping fellow soldiers alive

    also moral is great, we're all having a good time at it despite the weight of life and work bearing down on us
  • By the way, im Opposing Force there are many soldiers that Shepard "left behind" while he tried to defend Black Mesa from X-race not to escape himself like many others. So, for example, when I played I tried to save all comrades alive till we left them to proceed the game and in this case friendly soldiers stayed in location without any reason "to wait further orders"..but what orders if as we know they were left in the dust by the commanders ?(
    So, is there any way for Tripmine to give HECU squards back that player saved during walkthrough. It would be logical if they appear in the end of the game for example to defend Shepard from teleporting shocktroopers while he destroys Gene Worm. It would be sad just to leave comrades behind and in my opinion it would be great for the final battle. 8)
  • 1. I haven't taken a consensus or anything, but I'd say team spirit is at healthy levels :P

    2. The Mp5/M4 situation is the same as it's always been - the Mp5 will be default, but you can switch it to the M4 in the options menu.

    3. The language translation is a bit rough and confusing with this sentence. But I think you are asking if there will be areas where players can drive vehicles? The answer at this time is no and there are no plans to add any significant "side missions".

    4. Opposing Force already had some sniper areas. Ex: Foxtrot Uniform. So yes, that will of course be in the game. The black Ops will definitely not have crossbows. They use silenced glocks and Mp5s.

    5. There are no plans for COOP missions. We are not even close to a normal SP release yet. So unless you want to wait another 20 years, it's definitely not going to happen for the first release. Maybe later on as a map-pack or something; but that's also something the community can make if they want to by adding maps to the steam workshop.
  • Hello, just wanted to clarify some little things:

    1. How is the team spirit? =D
    2. Will you leave mp5 or you still decided to make a function in options to view m16 instead it?
    3. Have players any chance to watch areas where we could interact with vechicle or somekind to make our walkthrough further? (some suggestions I left here)
    4. Will OBM have an area where players should go through snipers likein HL1 and 2? And willl Black Ops have crossbows?
    5. Maybe you have already some plans about multiplayer missions. Hope there will be coop mission to save or destroy someone from BM pesonell and, of course, defense the borderzone of Black Mesa from teleporting waves of Xen and X races.
  • If you're referring to the "summary", that's like 9+ years old and was confusingly referring to the reboot of Guard Duty after the previous project died. It was intended for devs only.
    No one pays attention to that page, so I think sugar just hasn't bothered to update it haha
  • guillencg wrote:

    EvilGoodGuy wrote:

    We have one character artist at the moment who is mostly inactive.

    Another skilled character artist is definitely the position we are in most need of right now. So don't hesitate to apply if you think you have the experience/skills and are interested in being part of the project :)

    Currently PBR is not technically supported (at least not fully) in the Source engine and requires a lot of graphical programming to implement anything resembling it from what I'm aware of. So we currently are not using it. Although we would love to.
    Of course, do you have any email for share my portfolio?
    If for some reason you want to keep your portfolio private or don't have a online portfolio, you can either:
    -Type up a full application in the application section and post your portfolio there (Recommended method).
    -Send your portfolio in a private message to either myself or a another member, such as Mr.Sugar and we can share it with the rest of the team.
    -Send one of us devs a private message and we can share with you our personal or business email address and continue from there.

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