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the Loader: idea for use in both OBM and GD

4 +1 1,928


Dev Commentary Nodes and preserving the history of this mod's development.

4 +1 3,508


Idea: Promoting the game

5 +2 4,589

Summerset Banjo

The P.C.V. functions for npcs and the opfor npc types as hostiles for Guard Duty

6 +1 6,019


Beta and cut content of opposing force and blue shift

4 7,398

Summerset Banjo

Barnacle Gun Alt-fire and puzzle solving.

7 +1 3,709


Some ideas for the biodome complex

1 +2 3,390


Three Opfor moments that could be made more visually impactful

1 +2 3,297


Race X their invasion and worlds collide.

7 +2 3,453


Black Mesa's state of destruction. The place should look like a warzone.

3 2,192

Summerset Banjo

Will certain ai behaviors and sounds from hl1 be in this remake?

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Some ideas & suggestion.

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