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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Operation Black Mesa / Guard Duty?

    What will I need to launch OBM / GD? How much will it cost?
    • Only a Steam account is required in order to play. We are yet to decide regarding possible price of commercial release.

    Are you still working on your projects? They seem dead to me!
    • Yes, we are working very hard, as a matter of fact! We keep in touch with our supporters constantly. You can always talk to us on the forum, check up on our ModDB page, Facebook or Twitter.

    Release a media update!
    • Media updates are a very time consuming procedure, which is why we prefer to focus on mod development as our first priority.
      Think of it this way: The less media releases, the harder we are working on our mods. Besides, releasing too much content out front will spoil your experience of the final product.

    How much of your projects is done? How about a release date?
    • We cannot estimate the exact percentage of completion, neither an approximate release date. You can get a rough idea of our progress by looking at our media updates.
      Until we are 100% sure we can make it and the exact release date is announced via a major update, don't bother asking developers about it. You will not get the answer.

    Will you include the training missions in your games?

    • Yes, we will include Boot Camp (Operation Black Mesa) and Hazard Course (Guard Duty).

    You are working on several projects simultaneously. How will you release them?
    • Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty will be (most likely) released as a single product. Players will be able to access Operation Black Mesa or Guard Duty campaign via main menu.

    Will you release a demo or a beta?
    • We don't plan on releasing a Singleplayer demo, as it would slow down production considerably. Multiplayer beta might happen, but we are not yet ready to talk about it.

    With Black Mesa released, will you use their assets? Will the games be consistent in terms of level design?
    • No, we won't be using Black Mesa content in any shape or form, for the following reasons:
      • We would have to scrap a lot (several years worth) of hard work.
      • Projects of this scale are a great opportunity to build a portfolio, being the main reason for many of us to contribute in the first place.
      • Using assets other than our own actually restricts and slows down our work. Our components are specifically tailored to the unique experiences we set out to create, rather than just a map pack.
      • Using their content without approval would be theft.

      That being said, Tripmine Studios is in no way affiliated with the Black Mesa Modification Team.

    Will multi-player portion include co-op?

    • No, co-op is not currently on the list. We do plan to expand the multiplayer with post-release content, so we might eventually add it, but at this point we focus on something else.
    I would like to join your team!

    I'm unable to take part in development; yet I'd like to help in some way.
    • There are dozens of ways and means to support us, most of which are ridiculously simple:
      • Tell your friends about us! We always appreciate a thriving, healthy community.
      • Thank you for supporting Operation Black Mesa on Greenlight!
      • Be an active and valuable part of our community, sharing your thoughts, helping other members and making this an awesome place to stick around.
      • You can also help us compensate server-related and other expenses by donating.

    What languages are planned for the release.

    • We don´t have definitive list of available "mutations" of the game, but you can definitely expect more than only English. That being said, we will engage with our community in order to get the game translated into as money langues as possible.

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