Afterwars - Crush Depth

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    • Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Hi Harvey,

      so we meet once again in the testing area and here I am with your test assignment.

      I will keep it short, as you know what it´s all about. Things haven´t changed in this regards ;).

      You have been assigned a certain portion of later part of Crush Depth chapter and I´m very curious how you tackle on this one. Better than words, pictures attached are much better to get the idea of what is ahead of you.

      One thing is done a bit differently than usually. Since you have been on a team and also signed the NDA in the past, I have a small texture/models pack for you. This was suggested before and I also decided to give you some content to make things easier, as I think this part would have been quite hard to do properly with stock HL2 content.

      Hit me, as we need to speak about how to deliver it to you :P

      Good luck!

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    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Hey all, I'll let you know how I get on with the test and post my progress as I used to.

      Just a couple of things, let me know when the content pack is sorted please, and also, are all 5 pictures supposed to be the same in this post? :)

      Cheers lads.
    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Pictures are still broken for me as well, but never fear. I've made a start whilst I wait for all the content etc to come through.

      As you'll see my speed for maps hasn't changed ;)

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    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Heyo! Nice progress you are making. Would you be able to show comparison shots to what the areas you are recreating looking like in Opposing Force? My memory of this chapter is a bit fogy :P

    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      New Screenies:

      Original OP4 area:

      My rendition:

      Improved Lighting:

      Curved Glass (ignore the blockiness, can be smoothed later):

      Let me know which you like the most out of the glass before and after.

      There's a few things I might change. The lighting is a bit dark with the new textures, though I'm only working with what I've got, I'd need some new textures for the walls.

      Also, yet to do the actual tank etc, but I think this is a good start

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    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Hey! looking really good! :D I would make the overall lightning a bit more darker so it feels like the water is blocking the light a bit. So the light itself a bit more brighter and the area around a bit more darker :)
    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      I take it back, I don't want you back on the team if your maps are gonna look that nice. Emasculate me, why don't you.

      No, but you're doing good work so far. I like your color scheme(s), and think the geometry is nice. Would maybe appreciate a little more overall roundness as opposed to rounded corners but I'll see how it goes.
    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      yo yo, Harvey. Good to see you man :)

      Before I get to some crits about the screenshots, I'd just like to be perfectly honest and open (with everyone) in saying that this test assignment is pretty ridiculous and unnecessary. I think everyone here knows you are gonna get voted back into the team.

      The only thing people are weary about is your dedication and long-term prospects, rightfully so.
      Unless this test is gonna last 3-6 months, I see absolutely no point to it; and in some weird situation where it did last that long it would be inappropriate and unprofessional on both sides for it to have been allowed to last that long for whatever reason.
      Most of us have already worked with you before and know you have skill that is above average, comparatively, to the majority of the level designers on this team. And lets be honest, most of the people on this team would, and have, voted for people who have faaaaaaaaaaar less skill than you.

      So, with that being said, here are a few suggestions:

      -Pertaining to the tunnel, try to scale/align your trim/support brush textures a bit more to give a better sense of detail, or use different ones. Currently most of them look quite blurry and "flat". The trim texture with bolts on it looks good though.

      -As Sugar said, I would recommend making the tunnel look much cleaner and more well put together. Especially since the underwater section is so super-clean and smooth. It would make much more sense for their styles to be reversed, or at least match.

      -I think this is kinda what Comedian was getting at, but I suggest narrowing the outer cone of the light_spots in the hallway by a large amount and probably adding a 50% fall off distance, and try getting a nice ambient light coming from the water section through the glass. Could look epic, especially later if we add animated overlays to apply to the floor to give the effect of light shining through the glass and being ever so slightly rippled.

      -personally i despise that yellow railing skin, but that's not your fault lol. we just need a better one.

      -It might be cool to make every other grate walkway piece a solid metal texture. This would add a bit of variance and give a bit of depth for the players eyes to focus on, instead of a long grated catwalk. It could also make for the possibility of very sharp and detailed shadows coming from the railings and casting on those sections as a result of light from the underwater room.

      -I really like the underwater room. not a whole lot of crits for it at this point, other than not sure about the lights used on the wall. But those could be replaced with something later. I'm not totally sure what assets provided you with, so I'm taking that into consideration- :)

      -For the tunnel it might actually look nicer if the left wall (wall with pipes, etc) was more blocky. Perhaps even just 3 sided like the original. This would both contrast the roundness of the right side with the glass and also be very reminiscent of the original. With the proper textures this could look quite good I imagine. Especially if the arch of the window is increased in size.
      -doing the above recommendation would obviously result in fewer pipes, or at the least, re-routing/re-arranging them. Which would probably be a good thing anyways, cause you could place 1 or 2 smallish pipes near the ceiling and have one drip water into a puddle on a catwalk floor section. Just imagine the dripping echo in the corridor. would be pretty sweet

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    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Thanks for the suggestions and kind words everyone, I'm glad to know you like it so far.

      In particilar to EGG, I couldn't agree more in this case with the assignment I feel exactly the same way, perhaps not about the skill though there is a lot I can improve on ahah, but thanks! Though the test is understandable given my history of having to leave.

      Luckily, rest assured if I was to be part of the team this time, with uni and all my severe health issues being out of the way, I would be able to finally become part of the team permanently and get some proper work done!

      In regards to the Crits, there's some really solid ones there and I'll bear them in mind and get to work on them. Though, I haven't been given a lot of texture and models I'm just working with what I've got, so changing the tunnel drastically will be a challenge until I have the full texture set ;)

      Thanks again everyone!

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    • RE: Afterwars - Crush Depth

      Only one thing stands out for me. It´s the tunnel supports. I think it would be better if there was only one, more robust support istead of two thin supports (one inner and one outer).

      besides that, love what I see. Can you upload vmf please?

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