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    • Flamingcrows

      Hello!My name is Ilya (Flamingcrows) Mirovich.I've been using VHE since 2011-2012 year. During the period of my studying I have taking part in "Infected Sector" "Crossroads" (project that has "cell-shade" graphics) and "Lost Story The Last Days Of Earth" Also I have experience in 3ds Max (props/weapons) I always have been interested in Black Mesa theme and i would like to work on Guard Duty/Operation Black Mesa very very much I Think i'm good at mapping.I can make a good optimization,dev maps/concepts and full detail maps.In particular, I would like to work on Guard Duty (because H.L BH -my favorite addon)

      I am looking forward to hearing from you.


      And very old textures test:

      Dev level concepts:

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