Decay Source Revival

    • Decay Source Revival

      Decay Source. Got a Steam group together for a retry. Luigis#1 said he didn't want to ask for any help from the Tripmine team as he was friends with a few of them; since I don't know any of them personally (that I know of) however, I have no such qualms. Nothing massive I'm gonna ask or anything, we got this. I think we got this. I just had to check, is all. Just take it a bit at a time.
    • I don't think I quite understand what you're getting at.

      Are you asking us for help with a mod?
      Because we are not looking into working on anything else at the moment, we have our hands tied with OBM & GD and don't plan to merge with any team in the future for work on other mods.

      If you are looking for help then get the ball rolling and get the word out to potential devs on sites like ModDB or even the Black Mesa forums but we can't help you sadly.
    • Decay Source is something I fish to become a reality, but honestly, I don´t think we can help if that´s what you are asking for.

      We´ve got enough on our plate, not mentioning that I´ve also discussed this with Valve after we got greenlit and after this discussion, it is completely out of question that we will ever participate on something like that.

      Anyway, I hope this time, it will succeed.

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