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    • Application | Level Design | Texture | Maya | Hello Mr.Sugar

      First off, I accidentally posted my original application by accident which I wasn't finished with. Since I have a new keyboard, I accidentally clicked enter, I am not used to this keyboard yet...

      Hello, I am ViaLunarMiku although many people refer to me as Miku or Via.

      -Tell us about yourself, your skills, potential and value to our team. Keep it simple, coherent and structured for us to get a solid first impression:

      I enjoy the Half Life game series, and would love to help a recreation of some of the DLC content for Half Life.
      I own a large Garry's Mod community named MikusGamingWorld, with over 250 members. Our community is best known for Black Mesa Roleplay.
      I myself, am mastered in Photoshop CS6 and Hammer World Editor (Additionally, I am mastered in Sony Vegas Pro although I'm not sure if that is an important factor to game creation).
      I am learning Maya, although I do understand much of Maya already.
      I can create textures in Photoshop CS6, for the new game.
      If I do Not understand a program that either I am unfamiliar with or do not practice, I am a very quick learner.
      I understand that the game creation process is extremely difficult and takes much time. I have recently talked to a former developer named "Typhen". Which he stated
      that the game is difficult to create and encouraged me to join.

      -Include, attach or link to examples of your work! This already is the decisive part for most applicants:

      Some of my Photoshop work: - Desert Planet - 50s Nuke Alert Paper - Glados - Sky City

      Map Creation Work (Note, these images are in Hammer and in Alpha. Either not complete or not shadowed!): - Checkpoint - Map Design: Laboratories (Dev) - Map Design: Outside (Dev)

      Video Trailer Created with Sony Vegas Pro 12:

      - Trailer (Extremely Short)

      I understand the rules state: "(no early WIPs or scrapped material)". Although, I am explaining/showing my work, not to spend time creating an entire map to show you my work. I will show how well I can design maps, and how well I can create Photoshop images. That is what I want to show to people and the amazing development team.

      -Specify which project you would like to focus on: [ OBM / GD / BOTH ]:

      What I would enjoy to focus on is the "Operation Black Mesa" project. Since I would like to get much work done on one project rather than splitting my work apart into different projects. Additionally, I enjoy Opposing Force very much, and it would be great to remake and help with a great development team! :)

      Contact Information:

      SteamID: STEAM_0:1:878358

      Steam Link:


      I'm very excited to hear a response, and start work on this incredible project!

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