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    • Yo yo, everyone!

      You may have noticed in the latest Guard Duty Media Release that the warehouse in Captive Freight has some new props.
      I figured I'd show some of those (as well as some others) off for you as an extra little bonus to the media release.

      If you view the full size image of the warehouse you'll notice in the back left corner is a new addition to the room. I decided to add a small cold-storage section.

      To give it the proper outer appearance I made one of those beefy looking freezer/refrigerator doors that you commonly find in cold storage warehouses and in the back of large grocery stores.
      For the interior I made some plastic wrapped pallets of fruits and veggies - bananas, cabbage, apples, broccoli, etc. You know, all the stuff that Otis hates ;)

      For the main shelving in the warehouse I made a variety of pallets for sugary death drinks AKA soda pop.
      There are 3 main plastic wrapped pallet variations, each having 4 possible skins to use; as well as the wooden pallet and a single case of soda being available as separate props.

      Something that is not visible in the screenshots, but is now in the warehouse offices, is a new set of file cabinets I made to replace the low-def 8 year old models we had.

      There are 3 model variations with 2 main skins.

      Another new prop that I've been wanting to make for a while is a dry erase board.
      With 7 different model variations and 10+ different skins, these will offer a lot of opportunity to display the crazy scribblings of the caffeine-jacked scientists of the BMRF.

      That's all for now guys. Stay tuned for more shiz in the near(ish) future :)
      Senior Level Designer | Environment Artist | Animator @ Operation Black Mesa & Guard Duty | My Website
    • Hey everyone, hope you're doing well!
      And if you're one of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

      To show you guys that we are thankful for your continued support, here's a couple renders of some props that I've produced lately.

      The Resonance Cascade is a relatively violent and destructive experience. So for the areas of the game that show the initial medical response after the chaos I created some small medical props to help detail some areas, such as a medical cart, various bandages, medical scissors, pill bottles + pills, and a syringe. These props are all separate items which can be used together or alone at a level designers discretion.

      Also shown in the same render are safety goggles and a rubber floor mat, which will mostly be found in laboratory areas.

      Spools! Spools as far as the eye can see!

      I needed to create some spools specifically for use in the Captive Freight chapter of Guard Duty, so I went ahead and made a large assortment which our level designers can use throughout the game in appropriate areas.

      I created 4 mesh variants, each having 3 separate sizes. So that's a total of 12 models.
      Each model also has a total of 8 texture skins to choose from.

      So if we want to use a bare wooden spool, black electrical cable, colored electrical cable, or steel cable, level designers are covered with quite a few choices.

      Plus now we have a spool room, full of spools and nothing else, where we can banish a level designer to temporarily if he slacks on his work too much :evil:

      That's gonna be it for this small prop update. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!
      ...or risk being banished to the spool room
      Senior Level Designer | Environment Artist | Animator @ Operation Black Mesa & Guard Duty | My Website
    • Yo, peeps!

      Since I'm always itching to show you guys more of the work I produce, I figured I might as well show you a couple more small props that I made about a year ago.

      You probably spotted them already in the Guard Duty screenshots we released back in August. But just in case you missed 'em, I made a ceiling vent to replace the flat decals that are typically used.
      I also made 2 variants of a ceiling sprinkler - one for offices/labs and another for more gritty industrial areas.

      I had been wanting to make both of those for a while, and after seeing Valve made their own with their de_nuke revamp, it motivated me to actually go ahead and do it.

      Senior Level Designer | Environment Artist | Animator @ Operation Black Mesa & Guard Duty | My Website

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