Reveal Trailer....

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    • Reveal Trailer....

      [Attention, in this post can be grammatical mistakes ]

      hmmmm... :huh:

      If it takes sooooooooo long, it should be the BEST TRAILER IN GAMING HISTORY!

      Maybe after I see it, I'll be under such an impression that my hype level will fly up to heaven. I will watch it again and again, every morning, day and evening.
      After each viewing I will throw money to the monitor. And Mr.Sugar's e-mail will be filled with my messages like: "WHERE'S THE RELEASE???!?!??!21/?!?!/1!!)01)!"

      In any case, do you have something with which you can share with us about the trailer? Can we hope for its release this year? :thumbsup:

      please.... ;(
    • To put it bluntly, announcing a trailer or even hinting at one was a huge mistake. It was just a classic case of some of us being over-eager and a bit unrealistic.

      I wouldn't expect a trailer from us anytime soon and I'm not going to even give a shot in the dark estimate because fans will run wild with that and just be let down if it doesn't come around that time.

      In the future we also will not announce a trailer until it's already complete and ready to go. Chances are it will just appear one day without much warning.

      I highly doubt you will be that excited once you see the trailer lol.
      The enthusiasm is great, but it wouldn't hurt to lower your expectations a little :P
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