Viewmodel/Worldmodel Releases

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    • Viewmodel/Worldmodel Releases

      So i was wondering if tripmine studios would release a teaser kind of thing, like for say the view models and possible world models along with the sounds and textures to these, i would really just like to look at them since the multiplayer beta was canceled and that was really the only way of the mdoels
    • You mean a video like this one?

      Personally I'm not against making a video like that, once we actually finish all the weapons (still have a ways to go).

      But if you are asking if we will actually release the assets themselves for people to try out before the mod releases, the answer is a big resounding no.

      ps: No one ever said the multiplayer beta was cancelled. We never had a official date for that anyway. It still might happen, or it might not. We simply can't promise anything because we all do this in our spare time and we are not AAA video game experts in our fields. Like anything and everything related to our projects, you'll just have to wait and see.
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