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  • HECU equipment

    Hello everyone, I was recently asking some questions about the HECU in the OBM Q&A thread because I was wondering if they were going to stick with the 1999 design of the marines and the equipment of that era because I found a site that lists a lot of obscure or not as well know items from that era, a lot of which is mostly related to the ALICE pack but it also lists other field gear from 1967-2001.

    Here is the link to the site which I highly recommend you look at if you have any interest in field gear from before 2001, I especially recommend you take a look at the “Add ons and accessories for M1967 MLCE, ALICE and IIFS systems” part as that was where I found a lot more of the obscure items , I have also posted some screenshots for some examples, although will leave out the author's personal comments for you to find and read yourself.

    (ignore the highlighted words, I was using Ctrl-f when I took the screenshots)

    I also have some knowledge on some of the real life equipment the HECU would have been using based on the 1999 time period and what they are wearing in OF, but I won't mention anything on that unless someone wants to know.

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