3D Modeler - Character/Organic/Hard Surface - BOTH

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    • 3D Modeler - Character/Organic/Hard Surface - BOTH

      Hello Everyone!

      My name is Travis but I go by Today. I am a 3d Modeler who has been at it for about 4 years. In 6 months I will Graduate with my bachelors in 3D modeling. The main programs I use in my pipeline workflow are zbrush, maya, topogun, substance painter, and photoshop; depending on the project. I am at a point where I feel comfortable offering my skillset to projects I have profound fondness for.

      I practice character art and would love the opportunity to take your concepts and crank out some models for you! I also like working on general assets or environment pieces. I am very eager to help in whatever way I can so please let me know if you have any work that needs to get done.
      I remember when I first saw OBM on MODdb and have always wanted to contribute to it in some manner. Thankfully I am at a point in my life where I can have time to dedicate to such a purpose.

      Here are some examples of my work dating from most recent to oldest. You can also check out more on my artstation link below. Thanks for taking a look and I hope to hear from you soon!


      Steam ID: steamcommunity.com/id/Todaysingredientis
      Discord: Todaysingredientis#2237
      Artstation: artstation.com/travis_randall
      Email: Travisgrandall@gmail.com

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