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  • I L <3 VE Making maps,and i even started a few years ago,and i'm a PRO! I can make some test maps (if you want to) Also,some arena maps. You should give me the Hammer Editor of the game (Of course,or i could not use the entities and the stuff) and i'l start making the maps. But i don't really know how to make round edges,but i'l try to do it with archs,and displacements. I experiment some game features each time i play a map (I test out ragdolls,weapons,entities,Npcs,and some more stuff.I like the way the games like BMS,OBM,and GD are made,with the realistic voice acting,graphics and effects. (GD = Guard Duty,not Geometry Dash.) I'd also add some physics puzzles (like BMS Did,with the eye machine thingy for the doors) and yeah. I'm not a good drawer (i don't really draw well,i just start with stickmens or Minecraft characters),and i DID model something,but with a simple block,that's not really something that should be called a "Model". I don't use any of these softwares like Blender,3Ds Max,Unity or stuff like that. I simply use Hammer,nothing else. It would be very annoying to make high poly models (My PC would be slower) And i use the lowest quality possible on BMS,OBM and GD. Tags (About me):

    CreativeNice(Nothing there,lolololololololol)
    ImaginativeFunny(Nothing there,lolololololololol)

    So yeah. That's some stuff about me.

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