Suggestions for the ending of Foxtrot Uniform

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  • Suggestions for the ending of Foxtrot Uniform

    The ending to foxtrot Uniform was very anti climactic and very silly in how it was designed. The soldiers had the Gargantua trapped and explosives set up around him, yet for some reason decided not to detonate them and just waste their bullets. Not to mention it's way too easy to complete. I think instead of having the garg trapped with explosives set around him you should find a group of soldiers barricaded within the dam hanging on by a thread. And some vortigaunts that have decided to rebel since Nihilanth is now dead at this point. The vort rebels are more focused on their cause and pay no mind to you or your comrades. Outside on top of the dam a battle rages on between Race X and stragglers of the Xenian army. Eventually a Gargantua joins the battle, making short work of the Race X troops. After the garg dispatches of them he will quickly turn his attention to you and your wounded friends. The Gargantua destroys the barricade and damages the doorway as much as he can, but the room is far too small for him to enter so he resorts to desperately attacking you through the doorway. At this point Adrian Shepard must fight and destroy the Gargantua to proceed.

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