Some what-nots appear to be stuffs here and there...

  • Some what-nots appear to be stuffs here and there...

    Let's start over, shall we? [Not "THAT" much over but yeah] We love Half-Life. We love Opposing Force. We love pretty much everything about the whole universe...and so much on. Anyhow, I still respect Valve and what they've done until the very late but unfortunately the last episode of Half-Life. But you can't, of course, ignore the mistakes and wrongs that's been done throughout the evolution of Half-Life. I mean, me, him and her can list the mistakes and wrong-doings all day all long...fort and night. But who cares? Those are something and something. There is only one wrong-doing...and that's the reason why HECU gets to be the coal boy when the fun part begins. When we first encountered the HECU in Half-Life...the first time when we faced them, we wanted to play as one to see the different perspective. I mean, especially when you see they're badasses and such bringing the whole firepower and all. But then we get Opposing Force, we only get to see something pretty much close as in Half-Life is that the Intro of the game. The other parts are pretty much being alone and fighting off with the enemy. I mean, sure you get to meet some fellow marines along the way to the hell while acquiring new weapons and seeing new monsters but still, it's pretty much the same stuff what you do and where it takes you. Being alone and killing any hostile creatures or humans along the way. Same old same old.

    I'm not judging you, alrighT? I know that you guys are trying and doing your best to remake the whole game [and of course adding new things here and there expanding maps and all]. But still, you really gotta think what makes it cool to play as one of the members of HECU. I mean, what's the whole reason to be one and going after the one FREEMAN, right? I know most people are gonna defend the timeline going on between two games. But I'm saying something else. Some improvements that'll make everything understandable as it is. I know HECU loses most of its firepower as in late in the game. Yeah, sure...they were already evacuating, so they don't/didn't have any more tanks, ospreys, Apaches etc. stationed on the goddamn hell-ish roads of the Black Mesa. WRONG! Even though they were evacuating, they still fought back. Those soldiers who missed the evacuation, they were still following their orders on capturing/neutralizing Freeman. That pretty much explains how Gordon got captured while trying to reach the surface [you know the time where two hgrunts who were talking about whether or not killing the Freeman or carrying him all the way to the surface].

    Look, what I'm trying to say is you gotta make those AI of Hgrunts smarter than the original game. Yeah, don't worry I've seen your AI presentation. And I say, you pretty much did alright. But I can't say if they will follow Shephard to some places [I'm not saying they should follow him all the way to the ending part. But at least you gotta be able to bring them to big-fights] Climbing up and down...yeah all seems unnecessary and useless to work on. But at the very least you gotta think about how to keep the game alive. I played Black Mesa. Did things here and there. Looked every corner of empty spaces. Watched different reactions of friend and foes. But it gets pretty much lame after some point. That should be a lesson for you...I mean, now that you've seen what they've done all those years developing the game and releasing the final product [update by update]. Don't get me wrong, I want you to be successful. I'm not a programmer, mapper, modeler, scripter or any other things which require unique skills to develop any simple or complex game. I know how hard it can be to manage to create all those stuffs and to make the game success. I wish I had some knowledge to back you up on any of that. I just don't want you to see me as a bad guy who is trying to make the whole things difficult for us'. 'Cause of course in the end, the choice is yours. You decide what's best for your game. I'm just sharing my ideas [if you call it that :U].

    The things would be cool and proper to see in Operation Black Mesa:

    1-[Ospreys at some points in space *not in real space just the space where you fight with enemies and all :E*. Ospreys backing you up by deploying soldiers against enemy attacks.]

    2-[A real-big-hardcore-bloody BATTLEFIELD! Where we can see some real fights between HECU and Race X. Finally a proper welcoming committee. (You can also make Ospreys to deploy HECUs when that happens. To keep the fight long and fun) What we've all been craving for HECU VS Race X]

    3-[A real interaction with a real radio. I know Shephard is a muted protagonist. But that doesn't make it any feel better not having him to call any backups at some points in the original game. Which is lame...'cause in Half-Life you never see any marines alone on his own. They patrol together or stationed places more than one.]

    4-[Apaches, tanks or any other help would be appreciated at some point. You don't have to make them permanent...just put them at some places to help us at some point until they get destroyed by alien aircraft or something else. (more like scripted sequences)]

    5-[I saw the artwork for the voltigore's nest. I gotta say that was pretty neat work. If you really can manage to make something similar we see on the picture but also scarier than that. A real nest but also a maze where it's goddamn hard to find the exit, eh?]

    6-[ZOMBIES! I don't know, how you're gonna model them or is there gonna be a variety of them...Surely, there's gonna be 4 types: z_scientist, z_security, z_soldier, gonome as in the original game. But I'm also expecting a chubby zombie asides from the big guy we've got in the original "Gonome". Maybe Zombie Otis...poor bastard.]

    7-[HECUs talking...yeah the reason why it made me love HECUs is their radio talking. Yup, for some people it's like robotic. But still, the way they communicate...that's what should happen here. I know HECU talks directly in Opposing Force. Because they talk to another marine who is close to them or to Shephard (even he's muted) anyhow, what I'm trying to say is to make them using their radios once in a while. Like in Half-Life. Let us hear the same kind of talking we hear in Half-Life. *Not the robotic style*]

    8-[INTRO...I'm hoping for some big fight before the plane crashes. I mean, Ospreys. I don't know what you're planning for that one. But expecting more than one crashes.]

    9-[Black Ops...yup, lethal guys. I'm very so much hoping to see some damn killer fight between HECUs and Black Ops. I mean, not just one timing. Also, make the assassins deadlier than before. I mean, when we're moving with other fellow comrades, we hear something and damn 2 of us died already and the rest is trying to survive.]

    As for the final suggestion...

    10-['s the crazy idea. We never ever see them turning people into zombies by managing to get onto their heads and injecting their toxin (or whatever its called). I mean, think about it...headcrabs always jumps at NPCs and the player right? But nothing happens except damaging them little by little. So, how about this instead of that "When/If NPCs health is lower than 10 then headcrab can attack the NPC to turn them into zombies". Not just jump at them and poof here you have a zombie. But hop on to their heads to control their hosts nerves system.]
  • OK, WOAH.
    The HECU didn't start pulling out until Surface Tension, when the Xenians started to actually fight back, employing military units. After this, the HECU got overwhelmed and had to run and begin orbital bombardment. In opposing force, there are no Osprey simply because - except the black ops -NO ONE IS COMMING BACK. No tanks are left because they got wiped out by the Xenian army. Those who stayed behind to get Freeman, where disobeying orders. You don't get any large - scale Race X vs. HECU battles because the HECU is decimated.
  • OK, WOAH to you too. [Not any kind of hatred towards you though]

    Anyhow, I know the whole timeline, alright? Don't take me someone who played the game yesterday and found this mod today AND decided to start yelling at people and also demanding things must happen in their games. --- This is definitely not the case nor it was my intention. I'm sure I made it clear those are just suggestions which I thought would be cool to see. And I mentioned that "This is their game so the choice is theirs to make. They do whatever they think its best for their game" I clearly said that.

    So, let's get back to the businesses at hand. You're right, they started pulling out at that time in Half-Life...which that happens in Chapter 3 "We Are Pulling Out" in Opposing Force.
    But still, I didn't ask something out of the ordinary nor suggested. Again, it was all just a suggestion. I get your point but do you?

    They might have started pulling out but you can't say everyone got extracted. But I also know that is not what you're referring to. So, what is the problem here?

    Yeah all the choppers [apaches], tanks, ospreys etc. pulled out but only the foot soldiers left. Right? Nothing but just armed marines are on the field. And they also don't know who is where. I mean, they're in the blind. They can't even call for any backups because they're trying to survive on their own without knowing where their comrades are left behind and so much on.

    Look, this is just a fiction. Not some reality thingy. I'm sure we all know it. I'm just saying why the hell not. Don't tell me it wouldn't look cool to see an osprey being attacked while pulling out or an apache was just shot down by Black Ops while fleeing and so much on. Imagine. Just imagine. Seeing only marines dying or fighting back as in the original game, gets kinda repetitive don't you think? Just saying a battlefield would be the biggest change for it.

    You don't need a battalion to create that much of a scene. Forces are scattered across the bloody walls of Black Mesa. So, I've heard...humans are smart. They can gather and create a safehouse. And stationed there. Gathering resources and planning an initial fight. Shephard just steps in "Bam*".

    In imagination, there is not limitation.

    Anyhow, I'm gonna say it again. These all are just suggestions. You don't have to follow or like or read any of them. I'm just sharing my ideas. It's up to you to follow them/take what you think is best or leave them to rot in their own hell. I'm sure either way, your game is gonna be something else. Waiting sucks but I know it's worth.
  • Thanks for really exhausting and detailed list of suggestions. Some of them are really spot on :).

    As for the intro, we actually planned a battle before the crash, but in the end, we decided to cut it out. It wouldn´t rly be that much fun and felt like a clichee.

    As for the nest, it will indeed be less linear than you are used to from Half-Life games :).

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.
  • Mr.sugar wrote:

    Thanks for really exhausting and detailed list of suggestions. Some of them are really spot on :).

    As for the intro, we actually planned a battle before the crash, but in the end, we decided to cut it out. It wouldn´t rly be that much fun and felt like a clichee.

    As for the nest, it will indeed be less linear than you are used to from Half-Life games :).

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.
    You remember the time when Shephard meets with other soldiers to leave the black mesa because of the air strike? [Location: ”We Are Pulling Out”; Commander’s Center.]

    Commander: Shephard, you’ve made it. I take it you didn’t find Freeman. Forget it Corporal. We are puling out. The air strike has started. Get to the hanger while we await evac!

    Commander: I said, get to the hangar Shephard, that is an order!

    So, that time when Shephard tries to get out of the hangar "hangar door closes" due to Gman. After last soldiers [who were stationed at the center] getting into the Osprey, they pulled off. They just left. Didn't even care enough to look for Shephard. Why? I mean, Commander knew Shephard was heading that way...I mean, he's the one who told him to go to the hangar. Right? So, do you think maybe and also Gman wanted him to go there? [Well, it's obvious...since Gman is the one who closed the damn doors to not let Shephard escape from the Black Mesa. So, I'm thinking that Gman made Commander to order Shephard to go to the hangar. I mean, they all knew Shephard was gonna left behind.

    Anyhow, my question is "Are you gonna make any changes there?" Of course you can't tell me any specifics but the whole thing makes me feel like a plot hole if you ask me. [Original Game]

    Besides that, I have some other ideas for you. Again, you don't have to take any single one...just sharing.

    About Gman...who or how many people are aware of his ---> it? 's existence? I mean, in game...there are only those who are worthy enough for his employers are aware of him and his intentions [a little bit of his intentions maybe] at least enough to know that he's gonna keep an eye out for themselves.

    Anyway, are we gonna hear any mentionings about Gman from soldiers? Like saying some stuffs about him "I bet the guy in suit with his briefcase know what the hell happened here" ... "You know what's crazier other than the shit that is happening right now? Sensing the guy in suit stalking us." [Pretty creepy way to think about that don't ya think]

    It doesn't have to be mentioned directly. Just some stuffs here and there maybe?

    I don't know how many theories are out there [crazy or not] but I don't know if Gman is visible to those who are not worthy for his employers and himself.

    If he is not visible to anyone but a specific person then when the hangar door closes the soldier who was waving at the other soldiers to get in to the Osprey - can clearly see or should see Shephard who got trapped inside the hangar and immediately should run to his aid to try to open the door but after failing few times...then he gotta change his mind about helping Shephard...and get into the Osprey to escape.

    Or that soldier should see Gman and point his gun to make him open the damn doors and saying stuffs etc. But then the helicopter guy gotta say "We're leaving...get into the Osprey or you're gonna be left behind" so he must change his mind and get into the Osprey.

    What do you think?

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  • 1 2 3 & 4 - I actually really love the idea of utilizing radios to call for backup, especially ospreys and other military vehicles driving up to help; whatever is available at the time.

    I agree it would be awesome to be able to interact with radios, that's actually a pretty cool idea and I hope we could potentially implement it in some way but no promises.

    In other regards though there are some totally new levels of intractability we're adding to the game, in more then a few places you're going to be pleasantly surprised ;)


    5 - The voltigores nest already in its current state is way past awesome, you'll be happy with some of the overhauls the level designers are making to the area. I'm helping to add a small number of props to the area, mostly some hydraulic stuff, and although I can only imagine there are plenty of assets we haven't even made yet which will fit into the area to add to the visual fidelity furthermore, I can totally say that the original voltigores nest as well as the pit drone tunnels are lame in comparison :)


    6 7 8 & 9 - These are all really good points, I'm all for variety and so I likewise expect we'll see a little more variety with the character models and such. can't say too much on the subject atm but in the end our character artists, voice actors, & coders will have done their best to further innovate from the previous iteration of op4 & blue shift.

    what I can say is that "progress" is certainly the watchword for our project. Wherever there was room for innovation and improvement, I'm confident our hard working team has far exceeded much of our own expectations, and there are plenty of totally awesome surprises thrown in ;)


    10 - This is a totally awesome idea, i love it. If the players are going to turn into ragdolls anyway from the headcrabs damage, it'd be crazy cool if there was an animation of the headcrab first latching onto the persons head.

    at the same time though, I imagine if there were any other players or npc's nearby the headcrabs instincts would be focused on protecting itself, and since it likely takes hours to change a person into a zombie, the headcrab would probably want to make sure there is no-one else around to kill it. This way maybe it'd be a nice feature if a headcrab, when left alone, will travel over to a dead ragdoll & try to couple with its head, in the same way the original hl1 bullsquids would walk over to dead npcs & eat them.

    it does seem cool to imagine grappling with a headcrab in first person though, but it's entirely up to weather or not the actual animators & coders are up for such a challenge, or have the proper time & resources, so I can't say with certainty it's very likely but who knows!


    as for the gman/osprey situation, maybe someone could shout to gman "are you coming?" or something along those lines, to which gman just waves or gives some signal to leave without him & adrian.

    not a bad idea npc's referencing the gman every now & then either, you've got some neat ideas, who knows you might see a few of them emplemented! :)

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