The Scientists in Guard Duty

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  • The Scientists in Guard Duty

    Hi there,

    It's probably too late in development to make a change like this if you haven't already, but I've always thought it would make perfect sense in a remake of Blue Shift to swap out the three scientist characters you escape with in the end; Walter, Simmons and Rosenberg, with Kleiner, Eli and Magnuson respectively. That way you're not only getting Barney's backstory filled in, but that of the other HL2 characters as well. I think it would be cool, anyway.

    Good luck with the project!
  • I thought and also read somewhere that Kleiner and Eli were at the Anomalous Materials Labs, the whole time. I don't know when or where I've read that part. But seems to me, it would make sense that they were at the Anomalous Materials Labs. 'Cause you know, it was a big day for all. The day that changed everything else. The whole world went to hell that day.

    Also, there is something Eli told Gordon in Half-Life 2 Episode Two

    Eli: unforeseen consequences...the last time I heard those words was back at Black Mesa. You had just stepped into the test chamber when he whispered them in my ear. You know who I'm talking about. Our mutual friend. When he brought in that crystal I knew...I should have aborted that test but I didn't. The whole world went to hell that day.

    So, I think he was there...this whole time. Anyhow, let's see what devs think about that :7
  • That's correct, and Eli and Kleiner were retroactively added as characters in the Anomalous Materials lab in the Black Mesa mod. What I'm saying is they must have gotten out of the facility at some point, so I think it would be convenient for the canon if they along with Magnuson were shown to escape in Blue Shift/Guard Duty, instead of the other scientist who we've never seen in the story again.

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