Guard Duty

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  • For the final part of Guard Duty, I would like to see a cinematic plus a music like this:
    HD TEST!half life what is love

    And include a secret achievement for the remake of Blue Shift, as we have to enter the portal in the final part of the game with a disk and this would activate a cinematic where the guard Barney gives the scientist who is driving enter in the CD player of the vehicle the disc and then to listen to this music but a cinematic celebrating the victory to escape of Black Mesa. Where do I base this?
    Black mesa: Achievement Hunter "Rare Specimen"
  • magmasloth64 wrote:

    haha well, your suggestion may not be as unlikely as you'd think ;)
    I'll already have the preparation for that. At least, the mod will be longer than original, which is a great thing now, especially Barney's now can used RPG to destroy more military vehicles instead of only just one tank. What a waste in the original. I'll wish, I can saw more fire fight between HECU combating with Xen creature.

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