My first time experience of Half life (Segmented)

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    • My first time experience of Half life (Segmented)

      I remember the first time i played Half life i was 12, and i had never before played FPS shooters in general as at the time the thought terrified me. The only reason i played it was because i was a huge fan of portal and i learned that Black Mesa existed in the same world as Aperture science, thus i felt i had to play it.

      My experience PART 1:
      "What kind of game is this?" I thought to myself as i began to play it. All i knew prior was that apparently you could use guns in this game... and something about aliens? It absolutely freaked me out, because at the time i was very easily frightened by video games. Some areas in Portal (Like the creepy rat man dens and the maintenance sections when you escape the main area) actually made me shiver slightly, so you'd imagine how scared i was just by walking through the opening areas of the game. At first i played the Hazard course level, (which was a good thing, i was completely new to the whole FPS thing. My only experience was all from portal 1) I remember really liking the atmosphere of the hazard course level, and comparing the environments to the Aperture Science labs was really interesting for me.

      Then i began the main game. The opening tram ride was cool enough i thought, and i really liked the fact that you could interact with human NPC's [a pleasant new addition from someone frightened by the empty isolated halls of Aperture science] But at the same time i now realized i would face a new enemy... Not fear and isolation... but hostile enemies. Probably creepy horrifying alien creatures at that!

      I know this might sound silly, but for me at the time the mundane tone of Sector C was akin to wandering the halls of Brennenburg in Amnesia. "When will it go wrong???" i thought to myself, accelerating my fear and the tension even greater. "Is this the room where aliens will appear and attack me??!!"
      As i picked up the HEV suit the "pick-up suit" music started playing. Now if you listen to that tune you might realize it vaguely sounds like alarms blaring and some kind of action soundtrack, which for me was a death sentence. "Now it's happening i thought! I will be attacked for sure!" Obviously nothing would happen yet, but how would i be able to know that?

      Another freakout at the "scientist: What the hell is going on with our equipment?!" part later and i finally entered the test chamber.
      - END OF PART 1 -

      I hope you liked reading the first part of my experience which has stayed on my mind for so long.
      If you are interested in reading more, please encourage me to in the comments. If i know people are interested i will continue writing!
    • Hey, yep. Keep writing! I like this. ;)

      I was 13 when I first played Half-Life. That was during my summer trip to the US, back in 1999. Back than, my english was bad. I didn't know what to do, just roamed around in the boring by the minute corridors. I didn't even menage to pick up the HEV suit I belive. Things changed later on :)

      A few years ago I finished all the official Half-Life games on hard difficulty, with only 1 hp.

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