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    • Idea-Man - LeeoryHarold


      As I see you ask yourself "idea-man" what it means and you don't want to accept me and lock this thread.I just want to give ideas,also gave to MR.sugar an idea for games banners/trailers.
      If you want,just accept me or if you don't just say the reason to know and do what-you-want.

      I just need an answer.


      P.S:I got better with the phone.And I don't think it's called "idea-man" it's Idealist or whatever.

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    • RE: Idea-Man - LeeoryHarold

      Thanks for your application.

      Sorry to disappoint you, but in the production process of a game generally, ideas are the cheapest element. Everyone on the team has more ideas than they should have (myself included). The hard part is to filter those ideas and cut them down to a doable scale in order to actually finish this project.

      You're always welcome to post ideas, suggestions and feedback in the forums and we'll check them out.


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