Fallout 3 Pre-War Project

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    • Fallout 3 Pre-War Project

      Fallout New Vegas Pre-War ? 1
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      I was making this project this for months but I din't really made anything with Bonds123 in Nexus Forums.
      Fallout 3 is an RPG game with post-apocalyptic things.It's made by Bethesda Software.

      So I contacted Bethesda Software....
      I don't really know how this will come D:,I may get into trouble like they want to do it but they want to develop into a add-on or something.
      I just want it an mod.
      Or I don't have luck and they will refuse/won't answer me.
      Well it's hard to re-make the FO3 Map Pre-War with voice acting and moddeling D:.

      Wish me luck.


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