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    Hello Tripmine, I'm SamuraiMarciano from Moddb (AKA FanzerPaustBC previously in this forum). Sorry if my english is not perfect.

    I want to congratulate Tripmine Studios for the great job they are doing despite the difficulties of daily life. I understand that my comments on Moddb are out of place because of their extension, so I decided to publish, extend and rewrite my suggestions here in the forum:
    • In GD I'm very expected to see new and extended locations like Azure Sheep mod. It is clear that the original BS left us with a bad taste in the mouth due to its short duration and less content than HL. For example In GD introduction, Calhoun leaves his room, he walks around the top of Area 8 and then enters the Transit System, something similar to HL: Residual Life mod. In GD Ending, Barney enter the SUV and see how the SUV starting and escape. While the vehicle moves through the desert, the screen turns black and credits begin.
    • In Xen, very extended parts, very creepy ambience sounds, Hallucinogen animated Landscapes accompanied with a lot of Boids and Manta Rays. Also, you find a few HEV Scientist survivors still alive and they helping you. The HEV scientists talking you about their Borderworld expeditions revealing extra information about the HL universe.
    • In Displacer Canon parts, a lot of various and non repetitive BM and Xen places and add a lot of enemies, for example Itchtyosaurs in Gina Cross dead body part. Also you find a scientist who was travels with Displacer Canon and subtly tell you that he discovers Combine Overworld hahaha.
    • In a few surface and big areas, full intense battles of all Factions (HECU, Black Ops, Xen and Race X). Also Dogfights like in BM's Forget About Freeman.
    • In OBM I presented this idea in the forum a long time ago, but I would like to highlight it: In Worlds collide, the Gene Worm Fight is abandoned place like BS's Prototype labs. After down trough the big elevator, we will see a lot of Xen and Race X homeworld environment and infected areas (extended part than the original game) previous part to goal Gene Worm portal. The Xen Crystal Turrets's crystals ammo can be manually reloaded using pick up system (similar to TOW launcher we saw on Black Mesa) with crystals ammo box, Also I think the turrets can be connected to a kind of generator and we make them work before the fight, during the battle, Shock Troopers sabotage the device and we have to fix it while the GeneWorm attacks us.
    • Pickup Security Cards to open doors, especially in Black Mesa old areas, for example: Captive Freight, Focal Point, Missing in Action, Pit Worm's Nest, Worlds Collide, etc. The player will search the cards between the boxes and disordered places.
    • Aliens with a few color variations. This feature add more variety in the game, to break the monotony, which BM did not do with the scientists because they all use exactly the same clothes. Observing the concept art of Black Mesa personnel's clothes variations, I think it is also good to apply it to the Aliens, for example HL1 Beta Gargantua colors.
    • It would be interesting to put HL1 beta Aliens in Biodome Complex alien containers. Or we will see clues in documents and drawings in the slates that affirm the existence of these rare creatures. This Biodiversity will be memorable worthy of Biodome Complex.
    • In Multiplayer, I'm very expected to see all HL and Op4 characters and a new surprises. Considering the playermodel change, will they use different arms models or default shephard's hands?
    • I understand that this is a lot of additional work, but fans will love seeing an extension and a amazing remake of the two expansions.
  • Hey man, thanks for the suggestions and inquiry!
    I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability, without spoiling too much :)

    1. Guard Duty will have some extended areas. In particular I'm doing something quite special with the Leap of Faith/Power Struggle chapters. But You'll have to wait until we release to see what we have up our sleeves. It's top secret for now ;)
    2. Regarding xen, I wouldn't expect very extended areas. The xen levels in blue shift were already quite large. We really don't have much xen stuff done, so everything is kinda up in the air still. But I'm fairly confident when I say that you will not encounter any scientists there that are still alive.
    3. Displacer teleport locations, from my perspective, serve mostly (but not exclusively) as locations for the player to go to regain full health and acquire extra ammo. That's the reward for spending a huge amount of rare energy ammunition. So they will probably be mostly similar as the original in that regard - with a few of them containing enemies to optionally fight past for better rewards.
    4. There will definitely be more perceived action going on than in the original. But it's not going to be full out war or anything crazy like that. As cool as that might sound, this isn't the 7 hour war, and there really aren't that many areas to include such things without it seeming really strange like a random gmod map or something might have. So we will do it if it's appropriate and not weird.
    5. We have a lot of discussion and ideas surrounding the Gene Worm. It's definitely not going to be a straight recreation from the original. So you can expect a more interesting battle.
    6. Security cards are actually something I've been working on/testing for quite a long time. We want Guard Duty to be more stylized/unique than it was in the original. But we really don't want to discuss it much at all right now because so many things are in testing and uncertain. Plus we don't like spoiling everything :)
    7. We probably are not going to alternate alien colors. When you do stuff like that you risk it looking like a unprofessional gmod feature, or like a unprofessional mod, and risk going into cartoon-style territory. Plus it is bad for gameplay consistency sometimes - players might assume color represents health level or damage level, etc. If we do choose to do some sort of color differentiation, it will be very subtle, while simply being a different shade of the same color.
    8. Currently there are no plans to do any HL1 beta stuff. If we do, it will probably be as a easter egg or something not very obvious. One of the many reasons for this is simply because its more work to make models for those npcs and we just don't have the time.
    9. Multiplayer definitely has a lot of character models planned (although i can't promise we will have a lot when we first release) and you will definitely see different viewmodel hands to match the playermodel you are using.
    Senior Level Designer | Environment Artist @ Operation Black Mesa & Guard Duty | My Website
  • Thank you very much for answering, I really appreciate the opportunity of the dialogue with the fans.
    Observing the great work reflected in media updates, it is inevitable to make me many expectations and wishing a media update right now hahaha, but I understand that a well done work takes a long time. You must take all the time that is necessary, I don't want a unfinished game with a lot of bugs.
    1. It would be great to introduce Shepard's Diary in Boot Camp, a kind of entries similar to Xonxt's diary in HL1 mod Point Of View.
    2. In Lambda Complex (of2a6) The easy access to Freeman Teleport (destroyed roof and subsequent access to the ventilation pipe). Should be replaces for a fortified entrance identical to c3a2d. It makes sense for an fortified area as the lambda reactor.
    3. It would be great to see HL Decay's BMRF Transport Division Truck in The Package parking and new BMRF and Civilian vehicles.
    4. HECU marines still using BDU Urban camo or digital MARPAT? The Camo will be a changeable option in menu? like M4/mp5 or Glock/Beretta
    5. Uplink is a Bonus level unlocked after complete OBM and GD?

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