Did anyone else see the review for Hunt Down The Freeman?

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    • Did anyone else see the review for Hunt Down The Freeman?

      A poor display of game making at best in my humble opinion, especially the game 'rules' ( takes two clips at max to kill a zombie! ), but the most funny thing about all this is how they stole someone else's props and maps to claim as their own... Oh and there's Keemstar as president in the game :D .
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    • Not much more to say about that hasnt allready been said. Its tragic to see how disastrous this game turned out to be. The devs must have been put into lifelong debt to their investors after this massive flop.

      I think its extra important now that the full version of Black Mesa, the Tripmine remakes and Project Borealis actually get released and become successes. The Half-Life series will need an injection of awesomeness to counter this failure.
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    • Barnblitz wrote:

      This is a serious blow to other standalone source mods IMO. Should anything like a release happen now it may die because of the overhypeness HDTF had and people might just ignore it.

      But i highly doubt for HDTF will drag itself out of the hole now :/
      well, I think this will be treated as an outlier, as it was pretty widely known it would suck. I mean, there's the infamous 2016 demo, the constant delays, the mess of controversy...
      If anything, I've been seeing it help otherwise poorly received mods.

      I agree it's not going to be able to drag itself out of the hole now. To fix it, they'd have to re-design the game from the ground-up, and to do that, they'd probably need more funding, and no one in their right mind would invest in this thing now...
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