Application - 3D Artist - Hardsurface [Other Traits]

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    • Application - 3D Artist - Hardsurface [Other Traits]


      First introducing myself, perhaps you already knew, I used to be a level-designer.
      Though, whilst practicing at level-design within Source, I've taken up learning UE4 Level Design,
      then modeling. I'm a quick worker, and professional in any work-ethic or environment.
      I'm very creative, and have a spark for modeling in which I love it! Perhaps much more than level-design.
      As well, by quick meaning that I could create several models within a few hours! Of course, perhaps more on
      the weekend, as I do have school as well as work. Though, if needed, I am a jack of all traits...
      I am a musician as well as level-designer as I've explained above.


      I own a company, or rather limited liability company in Arizona, not necessarily an office though we do work
      like one. We're in development of a fully-funded UE4 game, in which with the 40+ employees we're working
      quite hard on getting this game into production in full-force! Before UE4, my company, Node Collective
      worked on Source games, until we decided to switch... In which I posted our work on ModDB. I am also a huge Half-Life fan!
      I did in-fact, though perhaps not proud, work on "Hunt Down The Freeman" as well as currently
      work with Aether Softworks on a Hl2 Beta Mod, and Silverskin Studio with "Deathmatch Legacy"


      I am a very quick worker, and a professional one. Being an owner of Node Collective I am bound
      to organization and keep everything in check. I am a creative, and love to suggest ideas
      and bring creativity to the models I make, especially remake models from HL: Opposing Force or
      HL: Blueshift. I also fully texture my models with detail, and keep things low-poly as well as detailed.
      Though I won't be able to work to much on week-days, I can crank models out very quickly within the


      I can not provide a rigged model, in which that'd be someone else's job,
      as well I need someone to provide animations for weapons or props I make.
      Additionally, if a model has separate parts, then I would need someone to separate them,
      though in Blender, it's not very hard.

      Work Resources:

      3DS Max 2017
      Substance Painter



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