Sound Designer Application

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    • Sound Designer Application


      My name is Jack and i'd like to contribute this promising indie project.
      Never was a huge fan of HL series but played all of them, I'm more Sound Design lover, I really like quality sound design in games, guess we all know that around 60% of a good gameplay and GUNplay stays behind sound design.

      I'm in sound design more than five years and still learning stuff (mostly field recordings).
      Worked on projects like (Most noticeable)

      WWII: Source (Screaming Steel)
      Paranoia 2
      War Thunder MMO F2P Game (Complete sound overhaul) <- My current finished project


      Audio Design Knowledge - 6 Years - FMOD Studio/Designer, Wwise,
      UE Sound Engine.
      DAW Knowledge - 6 Years - Avid Pro Tools, Audacity, Sony Sound Forge


      2D Knowledge - 4 Years - Photoshop, Gimp.
      3D Knowledge - 2 Years - Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Blender.

      Sound Reel:

      Sound Replacement ("Movie" sound design practicing) *Watch with subs*

      Other stuff:

      Also i like to 3d modeling when i get tired of sound, creating full process models for me is a huge challenge, however i know how to tweak models, tweak textures, make good renders.

      Discord: #3322 Jack M.

      Best Regards,


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