Some feedback, ideas & suggest.

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    • Some feedback, ideas & suggest.

      The intention of this post, is to give my opinion and ideas maybe already thought, about things that should have happened but they did not happen, this are changes that would make this title more enjoyable, i hope they can be heard someday, i would like you to say with constructive criticism

      the SD; means (Side Note)

      1 - a mapper should keep this in mind when designing maps

      - primarily they must create the whole list of maps, do them in a simple and basic way so that they fit well, the last thing should create is the texturized or the graphics, to avoid being affected by the trial.

      - they have to design specific zones for combat, with a good position of the enemies ahead, explore how they could be more effective

      - the history
      this defines the player's journey

      - the gameplay
      this defines the indicated path, the location of enemies, allies, weapons ect

      - the puzzles
      this defines the problems, which the protagonist has to solve

      - the aesthetics
      this define artistic & characteristic elements of the section where we are

      - the graphics
      this defines what is the lighting, the textures, the texture methods, the effects, the environmental objects, etc

      - should create the maps in a range of (5120x5120) or (8144x8144) where by, respecting the trajectory of the player, you can add all these additional areas to make the BM feel a big place, and the sensation of contemplating

      - always have to give the player something to do, break something, use something, duck, ect (with this i'm not saying infinite spawns)

      - should add certain security requirements for enter in sector, large doors that completely seal it, plus that each sector must be isolated and independent from the others, besides to add zones like; medical compartment, personnel area, security area, rest area, ways to enter the drainage, ventilation, garbage deposits, ect, when leaving to sector and entering another must be complicated when the rail system is not used.

      SD; of course, there are sectors completely dedicated to certain things, such as the hospital, security, but each of the sectors should be able to cope with diversity, in addition to logic all these things should be in each sector, following that process you can create a good map design, without suggestion or errors

      2 - should add graphical effects like;

      - bloodpool
      - cascade shadows map
      - dynamic shadows

      shader on first person perspective for;

      - acid
      - blood in hands
      - dirty water
      - snow in hands
      - toxic waste
      - vomit (bullsquid)

      vastly sprite particles for every surface when you interact with it;

      - concrete
      - ceramic
      - dirt
      - glass
      - grass
      - liquids (water, dirty water, acid, toxic, fluid, xen water, ect)
      - metal
      - meat
      - mud
      - plastic
      - sand
      - stone
      - wood

      and a large ect

      SD; for sprites of water, should be based on (dishonored) who are very precise and are represented artistically.

      3 - should add more animations to existing ones such things like;

      - use for (buttons / doors)
      - inverse Kinematics for (look up / look down)
      - procedural bones for (walk / run)
      - turn (on / off) flashlight
      - unique animation for (rest)
      - unique animation for (secundary trigger)
      - unique animation for (sprint)

      SD; The weapons look very weak, make the animations transmit more impact like (kf2) and that the animation of rest should be combinable with sprint is what it takes time without observing an enemy

      4 - also i would like you to take the animations of the (survivor / common infected) from left 4 dead 2, to adapt them to the human characters (NPC) things like;

      - s be alert / semi alert / relax
      - s be down
      - z barf
      - s clean face, nose & head
      - z climb
      - z crouch
      - s healing
      - s melee bash
      - z move crouch
      - s shake, when they take damage
      - s point (enemies / items)
      - s rise
      - z rest floor, walls
      - s throat neck, fingers & shoulders
      - s use (bottons / doors)
      - s walk / run
      - z sprint

      SD; the human NPC (no hostiles) should have 2 states, when they do not detect entities where they do almost all these animations apart of the choreography and script events,and when they detect entities, start to run for hide and ect

      5 - should create a spread / recoil system, based on the firepower of the weapons, but design a recoil that is comfortable for the player, which shakes the camera horizontally as do the weapons of half life 2 in this case I take as example (ar2), since I do not see it as a good goal an exaggerated recoil for weapons.

      6 - should consider this list of (native animals) xen, for the addition of variety of organic fauna, also should have variations in their skin tones.

      Antlions + variants (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Archer (water animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Bullsquid (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Barnacle (parasite animal of elevation, predator)
      baby / adults

      Barnacle Sand (parasite animal of elevation, predator)
      baby / adults

      Boid (air animal, prey)
      baby / adults

      Charger (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Floated float (air animal, prey)
      baby / adults

      Gargantua (biological weapon)

      Gene Worm (biological weapon, conqueror)

      Gonarch (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Headcrabs + Variants (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Hydra (parasite ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Ichthyosaur (water animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Leeches (water animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Panther (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Pit Drone (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Pit Worm (ground animal, predator).
      baby / adults

      Shock Roach (ground animal, prey)
      baby / adults

      Snark (ground animal, prey)
      baby / adults

      Stukabat (air animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Tentacle (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      Voltigore (ground animal, predator)
      baby / adults

      SN; the antlions are optional they could jump around just to see them from afar to complement the feeling that it is a planet full of life, and would be congratuled

      7 - if you created xen and add vegetation should be blue, yellow, red, and purple, the trees and their branches should be long and extensive because of the low gravity of the planet, besides the liquids there should be harsh

      SD; that's denote xen is a hot place a low in gravity, that's why the native species have layers in their skins like dinosaurs, shure not for all species

      8 - Should rework some enemies like;

      - Bullsquid; then they detect you the must hunt you, also add anothers attacks like; melee, range, charge.
      SN; the vomit should work like the (antlions workers)

      - Gonome; should have about 7 headcrab, be strong, be fast, throw acid from their viceras
      SD; should be treated like a boss, meeting them should be a challenge

      - Houdeye; then they detect you the must hunt you, also add anothers attacks like; melee, range, charge
      SN; the attack range must be something like a sonic shoot, not that explosion.

      - military & spec-ops must diversify into characteristic features, the variations only change the weapons they handle and special abilities such as;


      - Zombies; must have different number of headcrabs (min 3 - max 6) also add anothers attacks like; melee, range, charge.
      SN; they should walk / run independent of the (HB variant), the HB make a particular effect on the carrier, poison zombie, fast zombie, normal zombie

      9 - should add variants for humans like;

      Standard employer of BM;

      - administrators
      - assistant
      - builder
      - cleaner
      - clerk
      - coordinator
      - electricians
      - guards
      - hazmat
      - machinists
      - riot guard
      - scientist
      - technicians

      Standard no employer;

      - U.S military
      - H.E.C.U
      - Visitor

      10 - you can create complex entity like "gas cylinder" but i would like if you take a little of our time to create other "entities" wich could be;

      - big computer's, server's
      - camera's, tv's, monitor's, radio's
      - coolant tank, extinguisher
      - doors, glass, windows
      - vehicles

      SD; you can base yourself on (call of duty especially MW2 & BO 1 / 2) to create objects that are destructible and implosive, it would be something very advantageous for gameplay and this would give us fun to destroy things

      11 - should rework the (aspect of weapons) make it more different, imagine if black mesa (buy weapons with particular modifications / variants) to change the appearance and fuctions, also they should remove the shared ammunition for the weapons

      - pistol, should be a a glock 10mm model with an extended mag so that it reaches 19 bullets, that explain why makes more dmg than the mp5
      - desert eagle, should be .44 magnum for get that fire rate and separate his amo of the .357
      - revolver, must have with the secondary trigger shoot fast with the other hand operating the hammer
      - SMG, Colt-M4 Rifle variant, actually can have a standar mag 9mm
      - shotgun, must be a spas-12 / c, update the double shot, do (move the slide forward) to perform the double shot, and the double shot must be a shoot after shoot (without altering the essence)
      - crossbow, must have (slide like shotgun) which will improve the cadence of the weapon, keeping the original model
      - rpg, if the projectiles will not be devastating do the rpg model, small that feels almost like a portable shuttle
      - satchet; should be dropped and place on walls or props
      - Snark, you should improve them, make them more efficient, throwing a belly and from there come 5 or 6 snark

      12 - Adrian Shephard & Barney Calhoun are not Gordon Freeman, so i suppose they can perform light attack and heavy attacks with all their melee weapons,

      13 - Adrian & Barney Calhoun should have portable radios that work when you go outside (but at times) where you can hear frequencies from (allies or enemies) talking about their status; being in combat, retreat, wounded, asking for reinforcement, ect

      SN; these features can be triggered by scripts, to add depth to the ambience it does not have to be an introduced element

      14 - i know a method that can make animations without excessive costs of time or money, this I prefer to tell by private
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    • Tthe concept of "re-imagine" that is applied to videogames, is to adapt the old ideas to a modern times, i would like this project to apply that, but I do not say that it is a modern shooter, but rather that it takes already developed ideas from modern shooters, things that correctly complement the gameplay, and the level designs.
    • Making a remake is not an easy task. You want to bring something old to a modern standards, yet you know most people is also looking for old-fashioned gameplay with more up-to date technologies. Making some more complex changes will definitely make a lot of fans not so happy, yet sticking with original is also not enough. I must say I agree with many points and basically all this stuff is listed there is being considered. Some things, I can already tell, will change and you will be happy about that, on the other hand, some things will remain intact and will stick to the original. In the end, it´s hard to promise anything, since it´s still developing and I can tell many things will change based on some playtest sessions etc. But yea, we are looking into this sort of stuff and we appreciate your feedback here. It´s good to know some people are thinking the same regarding certain points ;)
    • Well, I must say thank you for those words, these last days I was dedicated to creating a compilation of tips and ideas, that I would like to share with you, most of them are reasonable, (except weapons), I have experience in designing levels, besides being fan of "Valve" and play & study all its titles and the way they do it, that's why I want to do this, take a little bit of my time to give them to you, soon I finish it I would like to be in contact with some of you, just to pass some ideas.

      Another mind thinking on ideas for us.

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    • 24seg wrote:

      6. - You must add the construction workers, machinists, electricians (they can create a model and change the tone of the suit to deduce in what zone it works, blue as an electrician) office employees, administrators (because each zone has to have a boss ), and people with a hazmat suit because there are areas where we go through machinery that contains radiation.
      This is something that had always bothered me, in the Black Mesa Research Facility you would not only see scientists and security guards, but you should realistically find HVAC workers and electricians and plumbers, as well as regular military personnel stationed at the facility before the incident takes place. This variation in character design is something we've thought about alot and our concept artists have worked out some ideas as well. :thumbup:

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