New Year Update

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    • New Year Update

      Happy New Year!

      These last 365 days of the year went by so fast with fun and excitement achieving our goals as a team,
      We can all say it has been a wonderful year so far for our development of Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty.
      It´s time for a new year and we believe this time, we will make this coming year even better than the previous.
      There are new adventures ahead, memories to create and more media releases to come.
      So lets take the first steps into 2019 by.... looking back a bit :).

      MOTY 2018
      17th round of MOTY awards is over and thanks to your endless dedication, we made it. We cannot thank you enough for getting us yet another "Honorable mention" in MOTY 2018. Since we already won in the category "upcoming mods" in 2013, we can only receive this honorable mention. It is still very appreciated and you can be sure that it means a lot for us. So, thank you for that and congratilations to other competitors in MOTY 2018.

      Dev.Blog Summary
      Throughout the year, other than our normal media release, several interesting dev blogs were released. In case you missed them, here's a recap of them:

      A Little party never killed nobody
      If you read our previous Blog Summary, you already probably know about this never ending party with DJ "EGG". If you had left the party, maybe it´s time to come back again as there are several new posts from the past few months

      Level Design with professor EGG
      DJ-ing is EGG´s part-time job only. And he is ready to show you how can a big party boy be a good teacher. This will give you an insight into some aspects of level design, described shortly, coherently and accompanied by visual examples.

      Gargantua Dev.Blog
      On top of that, here we are with a new This time around, we will reveal more about the
      process of character re-creation. Our concept artist, Harry Willson will let you get into his head by
      sharing his vision "thoughts" about Gargantua design.
      Some extra media
      And to close this very first news post of 2019, we would like to share some more work with you. Our level designers, 3D artists, animators and sound engineers would like to show you these goodies. We hope you enjoy them. Be sure you leave your comment about what you think about this, as we are always looking for feedback.

      New in-game weapons presentation
      We want to get weapons right. That is not an easy task and even some modern FPS games cannot get the feeling right. Everything is important, ranging from the model, animations to sounds. Everything together must make you "feel the weapon" and shooting them must bring you a hell lot of satisfaction! Here is a short video showcasing our progress in this department.

      Captive Freight in-game (Guard Duty)

      (Transformator model by Magmasloth64)

    • I really love what’s been shown of the weapons so far, but one of the areas in which the Half Life series’s gunplay has been especially weak is in its reactions. There is usually very little feedback to indicate shots landing aside from small blood splatter, and it makes gunfights lack a certain satisfaction you’d get in, say, DOOM. Since effort is clearly being put into making weapons feel right, do you have any interest in giving enemies proper animations in response to being hit (such as flinching/stumbling) or having some kind of procedural gib system?

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