Some feedback, ideas & suggest, part two

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    • Some feedback, ideas & suggest, part two

      This is the second part of a wish list that I have been creating ideas

      1. - You should know already, that there is a new mod that was recently launched called Half-Life 2 Mmod, which is a compilation of certain mechanics that improve the experience, and is based on mechanics of other games, of course, but the fact is that they fit very well in the HL2 universe, try to learn what you would like from that mod, the rest can be discarded

      2.- You must improve the FPS experience making it more gratificant for the player but keeping the old school feeling, can look games like (MoH Airbone, Wolfenstein 2016)

      - Add regenerative life, only the first section up to 20 points, with this you are not more trapped, and you will have more and better opportunities to survive and etc
      - Add a button for quick grenades, keeping the fact you can still select it, but adding that feature for desperate moments

      3. - We don't need a complex artificial intelligence, but it must be intelligent, yes, but something that does not change the way we play the game, only adds some ability and capacity for them.
      Should add some various aditions to the (Human Enemies) like;

      - Cover system, basic
      - Move crounched
      - Second triger of the weapons
      - Throw back grenades

      4.- Always before finding or facing a new enemy, you must present it, as the valve does in their most modern games, some small clues.

      5.- I would like to see weapons like; m249 placed like a turret to be used in a small action scene and, from that moment, dismantle it to use it as a normal weapon.

      6. - If it were possible to develop a configuration that would allow radom props to appear, for props that are used to decorate most scenarios that would be an incredible feathure that would give a lot of replayability to the title because one would not tire of repeating so much the visual would always generate a new sensation of randomness.
      SD; this feature would be awesome to implement, like the L4d2 cars, i think is called RNG.

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