Some ideas & suggestion.

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  • Some ideas & suggestion.

    I rewrote the post to be more understandable and friendly, they are only general ideas that if taken into account, would be great for the development of this title.

    1 - A good team of developer should have these things in mind.
    • Develop first all "maps, levels and chapters", what makes more easy imrpove them, change it, and else.
    • Avoid auto-suggestion when are developing a level, which looks good does not mean that you play well.
    • Learn from many sources to develop well the environment, learn basic things of construction, industrial design, mechanics, sciences and others.
    • Learning from other "titles" that makes them be entertained, for develop a better environments and combat to promote movement and frenetism and avoid the stationary.
    • The areas that are not frantic should have (not exploration) but if graphic reyeno for one can be delighted with many things to observe (like a painting).
    • Add logic to the sectors delimiting what are the areas that work to provide all services (ventilation, water, sewage, electric control, and others) in addition to adding extra areas that allow you to feel that you are in a functional place.
    • The size of the maps (the playable area) should have an approximate size of 5120 x 5120 units, equal to (160 x 160 meters) the maps can be larger to cover the playable space, at least (+32) of a wall that encloses the map.

    It does not mean that it should be saturated with corridors rooms or totally extensive areas, it does not have to be 100% playable each map (it will have to ignore certain directions if they do not agree with the original maps) it means that the content must be extended to realistic sizes, setting that number as a goal of each level.

    2 - See full graphics (does not mean hyperrealistic), I mean that they are chords, logical, that things have a good interaction, and representation, be the surfaces of the textures and obejtos of the environment, having a good direction when creating graphics , I would like them to be a little animated because the ultra realistic effects sometimes do not fit at all well, besides they cost a lot of work.

    3 - I would like to have a good immersion, by this I mean specific animations that allow it;
    • use for (buttons / doors)
    • inverse Kinematics for (look up / look down)
    • procedural bones for (walk / run)
    • turn (on / off) flashlight
    • turn (on / off) night vision
    • unique animation for (rest)
    • unique animation for (check weapons)
    • unique animation for (secondary trigger)
    • unique animation for (sprint)

    4 - I would like to see that they can better develop the NPCs by providing them with more capabilities to facilitate the follow-up of the player, in addition to improving the immersion and credibility of the same, could adapt the animations of the (Survivors and Common Infected) Left 4 dead 1 & 2, animations such as;
    • Su be alert / semi alert / relax
    • Su be down
    • Ci barf
    • Su clean face, nose & head
    • Ci climb
    • Ci crouch
    • Su healing
    • Su healthy /hurt /bad hurt
    • Su melee bash
    • Ci move crouch
    • Su shake, when they take damage
    • Su point (enemies / items)
    • Su rise
    • Ci rest on floor, walls
    • Su throat neck, fingers & shoulders
    • Su use (buttons / doors)
    • Su walk / run
    • Ci sprint
    • Su point
    • Ci ragdoll’s

    In addition, I consider that different variations should be added to the human characters that reside in Black Mesa such as;
    Standard employer;

    • administrators
    • assistant
    • builder
    • cleaner
    • clerk
    • coordinator
    • electricians
    • guards
    • hazmat
    • inspectors
    • machinists
    • pilots
    • riot guard
    • scientist
    • technicians

    - Non-standard employer;

    • U.S military
    • H.E.C.U
    • Visitor

    5 - I would like that the handling of the weapons is not so difficult, that it focuses more on being dramatic with certain camera movements but that it is not imprecise, the best currentreference could be the (Half-Life 2 Mmod) that perfectly applies all the characteristics that I would like to see in this title, should transfer or adapt what suits them.

    • Better reaction time for (NPCs)
    • Basic cover system, which give them an opportunity to flank you
    • The possibility of an alternative shots from their weapons
    • Runaway from explosive weapons, "if cornered" return them
    • Regenerate life (only from 1 to 20) for the player
    • One last opportunity (can be granted by friendly NPC, reviving and restoring 5 health)
    • Vision in gray, when you are below 20 HP.
    • Vision Stunned when an explosive detonate close to the player (only campaign)
    • Civilian NPC defend themselves with basic weapons (tools, irons)

    SD; only the basics ideas that could be applicable to the theme of (HL) which are very considerable things that I have seen in all the titles of the formula (Valve).

    6 - I would like you to take into consideration the following list of animals native to xen, I would like to see them in inaccessible areas of the game to increase the ambience and immersion of the same, they do not have to appear if the story does not admit it, but they can be of second flat, because they are creatures that are inside this universe.

    - Antlions + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Archer + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Bullsquid + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Barnacle + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Barnacle Sand + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Boid + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Charger + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Floated float + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Gargantua (biological weapon)

    - Gene Worm (biological weapon)

    - Gonarch
    (baby / adults)

    - Headcrabs + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Hydra + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Ichthyosaur + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Leeches + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Panther + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Pit Drone + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Pit Worm

    - Shock Roach + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Snark
    (baby / adults)

    - Spore Launcher + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Stukabat + variants
    (baby / adults)

    - Tentacle
    (baby / adults)

    - Voltigore + variants
    (baby / adults)

    Of all the species I would like you to add variants, with different shades and skin patterns for more diversity.

    7 - I would like to rethink the playable bases that make up enemies; humans, zombies & aliens.

    • The Aliens, (Vorts / Alien grunt, Trooper / Tropper grunt) should appear with physical variants, with particular clothes (armors) and variations of the "Biorganic Weapons" they handle.
    • The Humans (HECU / Spec Ops) who's handle weapons, I would like to see classes, whether they are based on team fortress 2 or other titles , that allow a variety of situations and models.
    • The headcrab should appear with their respective species variants and each species must mutate its carrier according to its species.
    • Zombies (Standard, Fast, Poisoned / Gnome) must appear with different numbers of (headcrabs) basing their life according to the number they possess, they can (crawl, walk / run, "at the speed of a zombie") they can attack, charge, throw headcrabs, throw objects and throw acid.

    Iif they manage to create a zombie that is capable of that, it will compensate in a big way the lack of fun and diversity that the current zombies generate, so they do not abuse the number of them, and they represent a better challenge, they are not zombies, are animals controlling people (they are smart).

    8 - I would like the protagonists Adrián Shephard & Barney Calhoun to have portable radios that capture signals and static that would alert the imminent presence of humans, of course the only way to communicate would be through a large army radio that maintains a fixed frequency, like Shepard does in the actual game.

    9 - I would like the arsenal to be more personalized, have very specific characteristics and have a redesign in order to be more efficient and be more varied from one another.

    • All weapons should have a (secondary attack).
    • All weapons should have a (charger / magazine) that will wear out and require recharging.
    • All weapons must have their particular ammunition.
    • In general the weapons should be more efficient, take as an example (brutal doom, which heeds all those characteristics that I consider necessary).
    SD; Of course the weapons in the multiplayer mode can be like the original ones, or give us a command in the options which allows to choose the weapons in the classic style.

    10 - A gore system like in; left 4 dead 2, should be based on the system already developed by the valve, which in itself is already very sophisticated and effective, without many requirements for the PC, i would love to see body damages in the "aliens / humans / zombies".…10_vlachos_l4d2wounds.pdf

    11 - Searching through so many contents that exist in the Half-Life universe, i realized that the races like;

    • Alien Grunt; is a derivative of the (vortigaunt) modified for the war, I consider that it should conserve many more physical characteristics similar to those
    • Gonarch; Instead they procreate their children, and they take care of them, they are a more arachnid species, able to build dens with cobwebs "the best concept that can be applied is that of the spiders of (metro series)".
    • Headcrab; have a queen in a hive either underground or in caves what are their safes places, they are a more Anthophila species, capable of building dens with secreting fluids, similar to bees, the (headcrab), should be presented in variants of colors, which eradicates according to the depth of the place where they live, being the surface that obscures them the most (white-yellow, brown-red, black-blue, assuming that the first is a base color and the second a dye for the base skin).

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