What are you using for create the maps?

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    • What are you using for create the maps?

      I propose the following as a topic of conversation; "What are you using to develop the levels in terms of (structures - interior / exterior)".

      I ask why I am just finishing my career and I have acquired some experience in design programs, so I researched and discovered that certain programs that I use such as (Skétchup, AutoCAD) are programs compatible with the (Hammer) through certain "Plugin" ", what I get to ask this question.

      I have to assume that they know everything about the (Source Engine), but I just want to make sure that you know it, that I think there is nothing wrong, I just want to give information, it will depend on you to consider it useful or not.

      I consider from my perspective that it is more beneficial for you to know this kind of things because if you manage to use these programs, it can be very helpful when creating structures, models and others, which can save you a lot of time and effort, in addition to saving that time and effort can invest in expanding their limits of imagination, either creating larger levels, with more realistic distances and credible environments or varying and increasing the quality of environments and structures in general (in my opinion they should do everything around areas that are a bit more circular or triangular), more complex levels that evoke in one direction and surround it, because underground structures tend to be that way sometimes (especially that's how Black-Mesa should be) , because it is a complex of train system and silos that was reused for scientific purposes, that does not mean that the downtown area of each old main sector must In the circular, as they are Sector C, Sector F, and the specific areas of the chapters (Power UP, Apprehension and similar) all have a circular core, does not mean that they are the center of each sector.

      Things that I would like you to take into account is the real height of what is a floor, what is below and what is above, if it is assumed that each level must have elements such as water pipes, electricity pipes, ventilation ducts and others) are below and above the areas where they are operated, I consider that each floor must have a sub-level for the access of these specific zones, or at least when they are at a level which has multiple floors, which is considered this so that the height of each floor is well represented.

      The recent demo (Project Lambda) took these elements into consideration in addition to having better programs for developing levels, they tried to give a feeling of being a colossal complex, giving a well-deserved space to each area, and justify that all areas they are accessible through any means (elevators, staircases, walkways) and avoided making everything excessively linear or square, everything has a more circular / triangular appearance.

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