Sticky June 2019 Update

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    • June 2019 Update

      Why hello there! It's Tripmine Studios on the line, and we have something to share with you.

      It's been a while since our last update, but as usual, it doesn't mean we’re dead. We've simply been working quietly behind the curtain as usual. All of our departments are quite busy!

      If you follow us, you’ve probably seen one of our weapon animation videos. Some of you even contributed with valuable feedback and we want to assure you that we are taking it all into account. Weapons are the alchemy of great looking models, a symphony of sounds, and eye candy in the form of visual effects. Perfect animations are a must, of course. Small details such as positioning and FOV are also very important for the final result. When all these elements are brought together it will result in a very satisfying feeling when using any weapon in the game. Below, you can see some more examples of the progress that we have achieved.

      Our 3D art department has been working quite hard as well. In addition to constantly pumping out brand new models, we've also finished replacing just about every hl2/css/csgo placeholder we had been using. That's thousands of models our artists have done and many more still need to be done. Here are some samples of recent prop models.

      (Industrial fan by N3XZUS), (Guide post by N3XZUS) ,(Oscilloscope by Magma_sloth)

      (Rollup gate by EvilGoodGuy),(Rollup gate by EvilGoodGuy),( Button prop by N3XZUS)

      Our level designers will definitely find a good use for them! Speaking of level design, no update would be complete without showcasing something from them, right? Quite a few levels can now be traveled from the beginning to the end. Although as usual, most still need more polish and the implementation of important gameplay elements.

      (Progress on "The Package by TheComedian)

      (WIP of "We are pulling out by Chris)

      There is much, much more we want to share with you, but we’d rather keep it behind the curtains until a better occasion arises.
      When the time comes we'd like to share more general progress with you, as well as address some engine improvements we’re going to implement. Stay tuned!

      To close this update, we would like to thank you for your patience. We know the updates are scarce, but we work as hard as possible on the game and we’d rather spend our resources and time on that, instead of doing more frequent updates. However, we are never completely silent and we will be happy to get in touch with you through Twitter, Facebook or our official forum.

      (WIP model of Humvee by MrJack)

      If you have some spare time on your hands and skills that may be valuable, please check out our openings. We are always looking for passionate and talented people to help us complete this project!

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