Black Mesa's state of destruction. The place should look like a warzone.

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  • Black Mesa's state of destruction. The place should look like a warzone.

    One of the things that always irked me about HL:Opposing Force was surprisingly how intact a lot of the surface areas of Black Mesa were despite how after the events of "Forget about Freeman" the area was both hit with a number of air strikes and possibly artillery. That is of course not mentioning the number of battles between the HECU and Xen Forces prior to that. I'm hoping that in this remake of the game we get to see a lot more damage and destruction to the place from everything that's occurred. Such as more wrecked vehicles, overrun outposts and choke points, maybe some of the auto turrets being out of ammo (like in hl2:ep1), and other environmental stories of battle and conflict.
  • So here's a couple of ideas of visual storytelling for this concept.

    (Infested Aid Station)
    Shephard comes across a military aid station that was set up during the military occupation. the place is in a disarray and abandoned. inside the large tent it would appear that several Hgrunts got crabbed and the medics were trying to remove the parasites with the limited tools they had in the field. things got bad and the medics and some of the non-infested wounded got slaughtered by hgrunt zombies. As the player goes through this aid station they get ambushed by a gonome

    (Wrecked Apache)
    Have a wrecked Apache helicopter that is all tangled around a poll that looks like it was thrown at the copter. have it be implied that a Gargantua threw it at the helicopter.

    (Sniper's field)
    have an area that has number of bodies of vorts and agrunts all around a location that resembles one of the sniper nests from hl1. the implication being that a hecu sniper was stationed there until the sniper simply ran out of ammo and had to leave.

    (Security Barricade)
    At some point the player can come across a barricade made of debris and furniture that had been defended by scientist and security guards until they were overwhelmed and killed by HECU troops.

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