Race X's Teleportation

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  • Race X's Teleportation

    A couple of ideas concerning Race X and their ability to teleport.
    Firstly: Some of the game guides (unreliable sources, I know :P) suggest that Race X has perfected the art of teleportation. I feel this should be reflected in OBM. The original OP only has them teleport the same way as the Xen creatures do, except for that first Shock Trooper which zaps in and out seemingly at will.

    Secondly: There's a portal in Xen that's purple and generally accepted to be a Race X portal. The fact that it's purple has people associate Race X with purple even though only this portal and the one at the end have that colour. I think it'd be a good idea for the warpball effect of Race X creatures teleporting in to be purple as well to distinguish them from the Xenians.

    Thirdly: That purple portal in Xen; after a few playthroughs I realised it's the Race X equivalent of the Focal Point you set up in Blue Shift. I feel OBM and Guard Duty should try and make a connection there.
  • I will point out that at least in the won version of Opfor all Race X teleportations have a different sound compared to the Xen counterparts. They also have a solid green teleportation effect compared to the yellowish green xenians have. Though again, its been a few years and I may have to check again.

    That said I do like your theory about that one thing being a focal point on Xen. It rather goes pretty well in hand with my suggestion in the race x thread I made today. :)

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