Three Opfor moments that could be made more visually impactful

  • Three Opfor moments that could be made more visually impactful

    So given that the source engine has a lot more power to create impressive animations and visuals than the goldsrc engine did here's three scenes that come to mind that could be made quite stunning with newer approach.

    1. The Crash, I read somewhere on this forum that a interactive battle was cut for Obm. While I doubt I can change your minds I will argue that having a chance to fight back a bit before going unconscious can allow for more chances to really show off the chaos of the situation and some minor ingame tutorializing . But imagine this, the crash happens and Shephard crawls out of the burning wreck with the others. gunfire and explosions everywhere. Shephard looks up and see other Ospreys being blown out of the sky by the manta craft while others make rapid descents to unload their troops as quickly as they can. A jet swoops past trying to chase off the mantas. The whole skybox looks like a literal air war of copters, jets, ospreys and numerous alien craft. A trooper calls out in alarm as Xen troopers show up to attack the crash site and one of the marines tosses Adrian a weapon. You fight back for a few moments as more and more xen troops keep coming. Some teleporting directly at the crash. You hear a marine trying to call in support with the radio as you see a jet fighter get blown out of the sky and come hurtling into some of the nearby rocks sending some debris directly in the player's direction. (then Shephard blacks out and the sequence is more or less the same as it was in opfor)

    2. the military evac, when you reach control tower where The HECU commander/officer is at, the place should be a in a state of bustle. Data is being extracted from computers as quickly as possible. maps and other intel should be burned. Other HECU radio operators should be busy trying to contact other squads or in communication back with HQ. Perhaps some stuff could be overheard such as the effects of the space time rift growing beyond the quarantine area of Black Mesa. Maybe name drop some town in New Mexico that is starting to have Xen life warping in. (essentially the beginning hours of what will become the portal storms.) Perhaps someone from the Pentagon is demanding answers on what is the current sitrep on the situation as it is starting to seem that there's very little left that can be done that can contain what is going on.

    Elsewhere some HECU medic is fighting to get more space on the Ospray for some wounded or dead. While others are executing any left over Scientists that are not deemed essential to take with them during the evacuation. The rest that are deemed important are ziptied and escorted by gunpoint onboard.

    When you get to the tunnel you can hear jets flying overhead and the sound of bombs and artillery (alluding to bombings eleswhere to cover the evacuation as well as the Forget About Freeman Chapter of HL1) The G-Man of course shuts the door and you see a jet circle over the landing area as the last of the HECU load up onto the Osprey. You can watch the jet circling in the background waiting for the LZ to clear to begin its bombing run. As the Osprey lifts off and clears the LZ the jet circles around and fires a missile at the control tower the players were in not too long ago and destroys it with a screen shaking explosion, sending cement and burning debris everywhere all while the other missile screams overhead and lands elsewhere. You hear more missiles landing and parts of the tunnel start to cave in a similar fashion to Forget About Freeman all while the Vortigaunts teleport in as they do in the original game. But you are given far more visual spectacle and more incentive to get below.

    3. The Nuking of Black Mesa, when you wake up with the G-Man in the Osprey at the end, the view should be different than some cliffs, instead the view should be closer to something like this with the Black Mesa Research Facility growing more and more distant in the background. As G-Man talks about how 'the problem has taken care of itself' the player should see the entire facility enveloped in a massive nuclear explosion but given its interaction with the space time rift the explosion is more massive with lightning and visual arcs and monetary tears of space and time. the massive blast wave is racing closer and closer to the osprey and it looks like its about to overtake it (almost like the Citadel Explosion of Ep1) the Osprey itselt is starting to shake and groan but the G-Man himself doesn't seemed concerned at all. Then just when it looks like the blast is going take out the plane. We end up in Xen. (the rest continues like in the original Opfor.)

    I would also love it if the ending music track for OBM is a remix of Electric Guitar Ambiance. I know its not part of Opfor's ost but Valve used it for a long time as the ending track of the steam version of Opfor and I can help but feel the track fits this ending amazingly well.

    I know some of these are very much creative embellishes and unnecessary but the source engine can do a lot of great things and I think it would be great to take advantage of its capabilities if for any reason than to look amazing in trailers for this mod.
  • We decided to not include possibility to fight back for several reasons, one of them it being a bit clichee. There is still a chance that we will change our mind, who knows, but at this moment, we do not plan to go back to this idea.

    The nuking of Black Mesa is something we want to play with a lot. I hope it will make it to the final game with desired outcome :)

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