Leaving NPCs

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    • Leaving NPCs

      Normally I wouldn’t ask this, but out of respect for Tripmine’s position that their development cycle is independent of Black Mesa’s I want to ask this.

      Will NPCs that you keep alive have reasons to stay behind when they can’t follow you anymore? It was always jarring in Half Life and it’s expansions when gameplay mechanics were the only reason that your dudes can’t accompany you everywhere.
    • That´s actually quite complicated question. If we allowed NPCs to follow you everywhere, it might in theory not work so well with gameplay/storytelling and cause some other problems. Our team still haven´t made any exact decision about this. Right now, we are going to stick with the original, but we will work on this and squads - how they work, follow you etc... I can say that there will always be a reason, why NPC is going to stay behind, but maybe we will just "push the boundaries" a bit compared to Half-Life 1. Final gameplay testing will probably have the biggest impact on this, so it´s early to say how much we will limit the NPCs or not.

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