Some ideas for the biodome complex

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  • Some ideas for the biodome complex

    I had a few ideas for the Biodome Complex for this remake.

    First off I think its valid to think that Black Mesa was rushing construction of the Biodome complex to be operational as soon as possible given how some places were already being used to store Xen wildlife before the whole complex was even finished. (other evidence is the fact that the place in hl1 where they were storing the Ichthyosaur seemed temporary at best.) to reflect this it would be interesting to see more mixes of sections of active operation with areas of construction with maybe signs and instructions for both the science staff and the work crew regarding things such as safety and times when to work and when not to. (maybe even a sign telling the work crew to not feed exotic lifeforms housed in the domes. lol ) certainly more construction equipment could be laying around. Perhaps some bodies of the construction crew could be scattered about the biodome as well, having been possibly killed during the initial hours of the incident. (destroyed scaffolding, live wires, still burning work torches, and smoldering remains of a construction fire.)

    The active parts of the Biodome could be expanded to be more nonlinear and more lab like (taking a page from hl1's Questionable Ethics) with decontamination chamber, locker rooms, more offices and observation equipment and computers, perhaps a small medbay and biological reading material. stuff the flesh the area out making it feel brand new but yet already active and living. (maybe even have some desks with boxes of office equipment and supplies in the midst of being unpacked. )

    The Biodome also lends us the chance to showcase more about Xen and Xen wildlife. There could be a puzzle where the player has to manipulate behavior of some creatures in one chamber in order to trap it or otherwise progress. could be a neat way to show off the mostly overlooked behavior ai most Xen creatures had in the original game. We could even have another puzzle where through, manipulation of connecting doors, the creatures of one dome battle it out with creatures of another.

    Maybe we could give cameos to some of the cut xen creatures such as maybe an anatomy diagram of the Fast Walker/Spidasaur , instructions on preparing a environment optimal for Panthereye's (Blues being female and Reds being male.) , we could even see some idle Stukabats resting idly in a inaccessible, cave like environment

    Also if we wanted to tie this game more into HL2 we could even have a chamber with some antlions scurrying around.

    Since some HECU marines traveled through part of the biodome towards the pitworm nest it would be neat to see more signs of their travel through the area, such as signs of some firefights and dead creatures.
  • I was hoping you'd mention the Antlions!

    I fully agree that this is a huge opportunity to flesh out Xenian wildlife, and the idea of manipulating ecosystems (predator/prey, tracking, baiting, etc) would make for some really fun, more dynamic puzzles.

    I also think taking a page from Questionable Ethics is the right move. I'm currently playing OpFor right now, and the long barren hallways that curve around the enclosures feel like a blank canvas. I also think there could be more holograms like the one that breaks down the Barnacle's behavior - more room for world building and references!

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