the Loader: idea for use in both OBM and GD

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  • the Loader: idea for use in both OBM and GD

    So today I was thinking about the robotic loader seen in Half-life and Opposing Force and I was thinking what more could be done for this visually impressive piece of technology in the game, As it was rarely used at all in both games, so I came up with two ideas on use of them.

    In Guard Duty Perhaps somewhere in the Train Yard there's an area blocked off by marines and a barricade that the player has to progress past in the search for Rosenberg. Not too far away is a loader sitting idle (since cargo is dropped off here it would make since one of these things would be there for heavy loads.) The player could then hijack the loader and ride the top of it. Marines then start firing away at both the loader and player before it can crash through the barricade and get to the other side. It could be an impressive moment riding the thing and having it smash through stuff with source's physics and could allude to Barney's future as a brave fighter in the resistance.

    In OBM at the massive warehouse in Worlds Collide, it would be cool if there was a area where a Gargantua was still fighting both black ops and race x and was in the way of the players path. The players are unsure how to deal with this beast but there is a frieght lift button not far from the giant beast that they have to run to. when the players push it. warning lights flash and up rises the lift. The players see rising up on the lift is a loader. Perhaps the very same loader from the start of OBM. (as a nice bookend to game's plot.) the loader starts moving forward and slams into the Gargantua that's in its path, there's a struggle and the machines servos strain and spark but finally it shoves it into a nearby crate crusher pit (Almost something like the power loader scene from aliens.) which kills it as well as allow the player safely continue.

    (if not interactive enough you could borrow the operation by remote idea valve had and remotely control the loader.)

    These two ideas would be cool to showcase in terms of animation as well as gameplay. Plus there is some merit to these ideas as upon looking up the loader on the wiki both Valve and Gearbox wanted to do more with the loader but was unable to for likely time and technology reasons.

    So doing something here for this mod regarding the loaders could be cool restoration to an idea that was wanted to be done but wasn't by the main devs themselves and would be a good thing to put in any modder's resume.

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  • I'm always a huge proponent of creating relationships with inanimate objects, and I think your ideas for the loader here could bring it to Companion Cube level player attachment. It would only take something as simple as a large, visible serial number somewhere on the loader's body to confirm to the player that it's the same one in both games. It could also have a moment in Guard Duty where it is notably hit by a rocket, blackening or partially damaging the body. Because Barney interacts with so many scientists, there could be a moment where one goes, "I have no idea how we'll get past that barricade. It's stacked with our own impact resistant containment crates, and - wait a moment, is that - a cargo loader! If you can reach the controls, it can ram right through that damned wall"

    Having it play these key parts in both characters' progress and survival could make its final push against the Gargantua an almost sacrificial moment if it falls into the crusher too.
  • I really like this idea of making the loader be the same in both campaigns!

    the only possible problem though is trying to explain how the loader would've gotten from the train yard in day 1 to the anomlyius materials area where the toxic waste spill is at in day 2. as i think it was supposed to be implied that the loader scene there in hl 1's tram ride was supposed to be the same one in opfor.
  • Ahh, good point.

    Perhaps it follows pre-programmed paths when there is no active pilot - once it's activated at the train yard, maybe you can see it continue on after you jump off. The HECU wouldn't pursue it further since Barney is their target. From there, it returns remotely to either a deployment station near the drain, or to the last place that sent a signal in need of a loader, which would be the radioactive spill. This could even be confirmed by a small display on the loader that switches after you dismount (it's gratuitous at this point as the player can't see it, but it would tie that piece off nicely).

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