Opposing Force 20th anniversary

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    • Opposing Force 20th anniversary

      Happy Birthday!

      It´s actually unbelievable that it´s already been 20 years since we first put that CD with a new expansion pack for Half-Life into our drives and install it. For me, it feels like yesterday and time sure does fly by and Opposing Force has aged quite a bit since it's release (but that´s why we are here, to fix it, right ? ;) ).

      How well has it aged you ask? Well, if you haven´t touched the game for a few years, maybe it´s good time to start playing it a bit and see for yourself? That´s the least you can do as a dedicated fan during this 20th anniversary celebration!


      So it´s of course anniversary time and we got caught up by nostalgia. Probably some of you also had the urge to play some Half-Life games too? Well all of us at Tripmine Studios definitely wanna play some of these old classics and streaming our playthrough at the same time means you can watch and chat with us as we weld the wrench in Black Mesa, Hey even we need to refresh our memory from time to time and man It would be highly embarrassing if we forgot to remake a map just because we don´t remember that it was there :saint: ..... So, why not join us? We believe this would be a very nice way to get more involved with our incredible fans but singleplayer is only half the battle so why stop there? Our first stream starts tomorrow at 9 PM GMT + 1 (The Steam group event will convert time properly for you). FRAG, our talented level designer will host the show.

      On top of that, in the coming days, we will be announcing specific times of our multiplayer sessions in original Half-Life: Opposing Force multiplayer. How about a community vs developers deathmatch? reckon you can dominate in capture the flag? Keep watching our Streams, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Steam group for more info regarding stream and multiplayer schedules.


      Most of you are probably still eager to know more about the progress on Operation Black Mesa and should definitely stay tuned, we will be definitely drop tidbits during the streams, maybe even some media here and there. And if that is not enough, this Anniversary Update will come with more screenshots and videos! For all Half-Life fans, these days are looking to be pretty busy. It´s a time full of anniversaries and big announcements, so stay on guard!

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