N. Tannoy - Prop Artist

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    • N. Tannoy - Prop Artist

      Hola Amigos,

      I'm Tannoy, a 3D artist with 5 years of 3D art creation experience.
      I've been personally following Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty
      for years, and I really, really, really love the Half-Life franchise
      and everything it stands for in-gaming. I'm a natural organizer,
      so working out a schedule should be non-complex.

      Within 3D development, I have a full understanding of the PBR workflow,
      and the Source workflow, having started 3D art and level design in the Source
      engine, and working on multiple of my own mods and other people's mods...
      Including Borealis: Last Man Standing and HDTF...

      Anyhow, I'd like to work on Operation Black Mesa, being my absolute favorite
      out of the whole franchise! HL: Opposing Force that is.

      steamcommunity.com/id/notmikushutup/ - here is my Steam account.
      artstation.com/sakirintannoy - here is my ArtStation account.

      Yes, I can do more than props. However, I'd like to stick to props due to my time constraints.

      If need be, as I mentioned, I started with Hammer Editor in the development world, and have years of experience there as well before
      transitioning into 3D art, so if you need someone for level design, I'd be happy to do so, even though I haven't touched Hammer in a while :S

      Same for voice acting, apparently I have a deep "announcers" voice, and most people say I sound like Hank Hill.

      Developer guy who does developer things :^)

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