Do you want to do something unique with the game's arsenal?

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    • Do you want to do something unique with the game's arsenal?

      I have a particular theory that "Black-Mesa" is an advanced research center in many fields (biological, physics, theories, scientist, weapons and others) it should have its own weapon's production line for its internal defense force, marked with their logo insignia.

      In that order for the 2 titles you are developing to have a more "familiar feeling" should add some variation for the weaponry.

      I suggest, separate weapons between the two titles, for Barney (glock, mp5) and she part (Beretta, m4a1).

      Barney Calhoun should use the para-military "BM" arsenal.

      G3 m203
      Crossbow Shotgun

      All the replaced weapons should be fictional as a Glock B19-10mm, itacha B3, G3B3 5.56x45, Pcrossbow, and every weapon should have his own unique ammunition and have to looks the most similar to the title.

      Should create the concept of a safe house in this title where the player can be able to replenish (ammunition, health and armor) in security areas, survivor zones, "regardless of whether they have companions or not.

      Adrián Shepard should use only the HECU arsenal.

      Beretta A93
      Deagle .44 (for separate the ammo from the 357.
      Spas 12
      M4a1 m203

      This weapons should looks like the most similar to the HD pack for make sense for the audience.

      Being able to replenish (ammunition, health and armor) in safe areas controlled by HECU "regardless of whether they have partners or not.

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    • It's a nice idea, but if I remember correctly, I don't think the plan is to make the weapons or objects in general too dissimilar to the original games.
      Any current team members can correct me on this though.
      There's no point in asking me about Tripmine Studios current sound design.
      I'm not really a team member anymore. I just have the banner. Just FYI.
      I do still get some insight though, but I'm not telling anyone. MUHAHAHAHA!
    • The fact of my idea is make weapons more verosimil at the same time looking similar to the originals.

      The B in the names comes from Black Mesa.

      Glock B17 (close look to glock)
      Itacha B3 (close look to shotgun classic)
      G3B3 (close look to a large MP5)
      B Crossbow (Close look to the original)

      In the beginning of the series the weapons don't have any defined form, and based shotgun in HL1 is from a Itacha in black painting for that I take that's weapons.

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